The Squeeze

The Squeeze.

That's what we call it in our family.  Growing up it was The Squeeze.  Through lovingly gritted teeth we'd proclaim we had "The Squeeze" for something.  Usually a baby or a little animal or a beloved friend.  It meant that you just loved something or it pulled at your heart so much you wanted to just, well, squeeze the life out of it.  But not really.  Like that weird thing we do when we say we want to eat a baby?  That.  That's The Squeeze.  Where you literally have a physical reaction to something so adorable that you just want to consume it into you.  (Marc actually wrote a really insightful article on this very phenomenon a few years ago fantastically titled "On Wanting to Eat Your Baby")

Well, our family has The Squeeze big time on this little man. 
And I feel like I might be getting annoying with my gushy gushiness but you guys.  I can't help it.  I apologize.  But that's what this blog was started for anyway, to hold onto these little fleeting moments just a bit longer and try just a little bit to inscribe them into my very very faulty memory.  So I guess it's okay.

He is amazing.  Any time he's up lately, he's chill and smiley and cooey.  He can get the whole family gathered around and staring at him in a matter of seconds.

His skin is so soft and I can't help but nuzzle it all the time.  It's kinda ridiculous.

The oldest two brothers are starting to get The Squeeze, too.  It's awesome.  I overhear them when they're holding him saying something like, "agh, I just want to squish him!"  And I totally get it.  We all want to squish him.

I'm sure I was like this with the other ones.  But it feels even more intense this time.  It seems to grow with each baby.  Maybe it's that I feel like sort of have figured out this newborn thing (maybe…slightly afraid of saying that and having to be humbled on that one!) or maybe I just somehow beneath it all know that each baby has a greater chance of being our last.  

Or maybe it's just that each time there are more people to share the amazingness with.  That's probably a huge part of it actually.  There are more people in love with him and the ability to share that just intensifies it all the more.  

I mean, those cheeks, right?  I know.  It's not the same when it's not your baby.  But I just can't help but share it.  I just want to share with the whole world how awesome he is.  And how awesome all babies are.  How tragic that it would even need to be said.

So yeah, we kinda like the kid.  
I think we're gonna keep him.

(And seven pics so I'm totally going to link it on up with Kelly and the 7QTers.  Legit.)


  1. You should know that I don't mind all the picture at all. And gush all you want! It sure helps me to relax. Does a body good. Love it! : )

  2. I just wrote almost the exact same post about my little guy. Babies are so squishable!

  3. My mom used to say, "I could squeeze you till you popped and then I'd have two of you!" I totally get "The Squeeze" and that little man is totally squeeze worthy.

  4. YES!! We call it "Pat the cat too hard." Ben is very handsome and you are welcome to gush about your squeezey boy any time you want!

  5. He is a beautiful, beautiful baby, and just look at all those smiles! Of course you all have The Squeeze for him!

  6. Oh, the squeeze - I totally get you. Peter's getting loved on SO much by all of us these days because I feel like I *finally* really appreciate him for the baby he is... Before that it was so hard because everything was nuts with the twins and it was all about survival, and I didn't really appreciate John Paul and Cecilia's baby-ness because I was so focused on figuring stuff out and moving on to the next stage. But he gets the squeeze, ohhhh he gets the squeeze :)

  7. All those things you said- having things figured out more, having more people to share the love, and wondering if this baby could be the last....I've been thinking about them too. It's almost like I didn't think feeling so squeezy was even possible :) Love this post!


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