Benedict is Baptized!

For the first time in weeks it rained all night and hasn't stopped yet.  But we're taking it as a sign of the Holy Spirit pouring down because Baby Ben is Baptized!!!

We've never actually had a Baptism this early but last year I learned that "Parents are obliged to take care that infants are baptized in the first few weeks; as soon as possible after the birth or even before it, they are to go to the pastor to request the sacrament for their child and to be prepared properly for it." (Canon law 867)

We've had our children all Baptized within the first month…I knew it was to be done "soon" after birth...but had no idea there was an actual time frame given.  I wish I had known that sooner!  So, in that spirit, we tried to schedule it as soon as possible.  What is absolutely awesome is that we got to have sweet Baby Ben Baptized on Trinity Sunday and the readings were just perfect for a Baptism.  Not only that, but today is also the day we will complete our Consecration for him to Mary (in the normal calendar May 31 is the feast of the Visitation).  
What an amazing gift.

Look at this sweet babe!  The gown is five generations old on Brian's side and is such a treasure.  Underneath THAT is the gown from our side of the family made from my grandmother's wedding dress.  We've got lots of tradition, y'all, so our kids get double robed ;)  

The night before, in preparation for his big day, he got his first bath.  

Some excited and proud big brothers

And he's in!!  This was the only good shot of the actual Baptism…our priest is too quick and my camera too slow ;)

So blessed to have my sister and brother-in-law to Godparent our sweet baby boy.

And I love that John Paul and Michael were able to serve at such a special Mass for us!  Our parish isn't perfect but there is so much I love about it and we are so blessed to be there.  That priest is the same one who was associate at my parish while in high school.  He first introduced me to Steubenville which was the catalyst for my reversion to the Faith (and my Marriage!).  It just so happened we ended up moving to the area where he is pastor at a different parish.

Everyone sort of semi-looking?  Not bad.

For the first time ever I realized a few weeks before he was born that I could make a Baptism cake and freeze it for the big day.  I don't know why I never thought of that before.  All I had to do was ice it.

Being so soon after the birth, I kept things very simple with just a small brunch for Godparents and grandparents at our house after.  Which, because of the pouring rain, actually worked out better than a huge family party.

And now more fancy shots from our fancy little photo shoot:
I remember a nun in college saying that the angels stand in awe before a newly Baptized baby.  I do, too.

I don't know…trying to be artsy.  Or something.

A tired out but freshly cleaned and anointed disciple, 
Baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Thank you, God, for so many undeserved blessings.


  1. Beautiful post!!!

    The pics of all of you as well as the one with all of the boys---perfect!!

    Gorgeous cake too!

    Congratulations Mary!!! You look great also!!


  2. This is so beautiful and wonderful and all things good smelling chrism! Your cake is gorgeous, but Ben is precious.

  3. Congratulations! What a blessed day for a baptism!

  4. How beautiful! He is so darling and I think he looks a lot like Luke right now! And I love your cake.

  5. Congratulations! Look at your beautiful boys, so so handsome.

  6. Congratulations!! The photos are beautiful!! I am amazed at how WHITE the baptismal gown is . . . we have one in our family that is 4 generations old is it has yellowed.

  7. Precious, precious day!! Love the traditions, love the pics and love hearing how you found the day so much easier than normal. snuggle your precious little one, love from Australia

  8. What a beautiful day: the baptismal gown, the cake, all those handsome boys! You look great too, Mary! Congratulations & God bless!

  9. Just beautiful! All of it! From the gown to the day to that sweet baby boy! Thank you for sharing! <3

  10. Thanks for the beautiful pictures (loved the artsy!)---soooo precious! Just wondering if you knew we'd be reading the Book of Tobit this week? (-: Ah, that Archangel Raphael is SUCH a wonderful patron!

  11. Congratulations Mary on your new baby boy! Five boys! How blessed you are you! :)


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