This Month in Boys - April 2015

-a monthly recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

John Paul

-scored a 97 on his Junior Festival piano performance.
-finished the guitar class he was taking with Michael.
-has been all into the new obsession of domino and block tracks and recording them ALL with my phone.
-has been rereading all the Mistmantle books.
-is a Seattle Mariner this year.
-made $26.25 picking up sticks and leaves in the yard.  We only pay them one penny for small sticks, a dime for huge branches, and a quarter per wheelbarrow of leaves.  Which should show you what a mess this winter left our yard.  Totally worth it.
-always wants to altar serve and will check at every Mass if there is someone there or not.
-predicts that the baby is a girl, will be seven lbs. four oz., and will be born May 17.


-scored a 98 (and didn't make one mistake!) on his Junior Festival (and first ever public) performance!
-is very excited to start baseball and will be playing on the Rays.
-despite being the one who prompted my putting them into guitar, was less than enthusiastic about the actual practicing and work involved.
-has decided to read The Hobbit.  He's gotten through page one.  But just the very fact that he's motivated to read something on his own is a very good thing.
-used to eat like a bird and now is more than making up for it.  He still has the tiniest frame but he's definitely getting taller.
-made $8.50 with his yard work contributions.
-is sure the baby is a girl, will weigh about seven pounds, and will be born on Papa's birthday (May 19).


-inspired by Michael Jr., has been keeping his bear (or really, the bear from my childhood) as his baby and wanting to bring him everywhere.
-was sick for Easter Sunday :(
-grossed $2.77 in yard work duty.
-all day on Holy Saturday and during the first part of the Vigil kept asking over and over if it was time to finally get to say Alleluia.
-is on lesson 70 in the 100 Easy Lessons reading book and is doing fabulously.  I can't even believe that he'll soon be six and I will need to start reporting him to the district next year.
-was signed up for tee ball until I came to my senses and realized that it starts the same week I'm due, I'm already overwhelmed with baseball for two, and he'll only be six and six year olds don't need to be playing on league teams and are easily distractible with other fun things (like new babies).
-loves playing "the floor is lava" game with Michael and Luke.
-thinks the baby is a girl, will be four pounds, and will be born the Sunday after his birthday (which would be May 10).


-is now a member of the big boy room.  Four boys in one 12x12 room.  It's cute and not going all that badly, surprisingly.
-Mama:  "Well, maybe if we pray, God might blow the clouds away."
Luke:  "Papa would blow the clouds away.  He's the best blower….Or John Paul.  He's a big blower machine."
-has been officially potty trained during the day for about a month.  Not night time all the way yet, but close.  He's my first where it didn't all just coincide.  With the others, one of the first signs they were ready was waking up dry.
-has really turned a corner with his behavior…except when he's overtired.  He still gives that impish little look when he knows he's doing something wrong and is trying to get away with something.  I'm more than a little nervous about the thought of taking care of him PLUS a new baby.
-raked in 79 cents with his stick work.
-is slowly losing his aversion to chocolate.  But judging from the bedtime after he had some, we'll probably keep its distance for a good long while.
-predicts the baby is a boy, will weigh in at four inches and will be born "at Lent…I mean, after my birthday (which is in...December)."


  1. That's interesting about night potty training. Lucia has been potty trained for over a year (and has been potty trained for poops for two years) and still wakes up with a very full diaper. I assumed that was normal, but I guess not!

    1. I think when it comes to potty training, everything is "normal" :)

  2. I am thinking it'll be a girl too... Born May 18- my birthday and St. JP2's and she'll be closer to 8-9lbs and you'll name her Lisa Marie!!! Love the updates!!!!

    1. Ha! That's actually Brian's sister's full name so it would be a family name! And that would be a cool birthday :)

  3. Good luck with trimesters four, five, and six on that December/Lent baby :). At least a four inch baby sounds very manageable for labor and delivery...

  4. John Paul's face is changing, looking older, bittersweet mama{}
    Well looks like there is alot of girl wishing going on there with your boys. Be wonderful if they got their wish:)

  5. The boys are all looking so grown up! And I am thinking you will have lots of disappointed big brothers if they don't get a sister to dote upon!

    Congratulations for John Paul and Michael on their piano performances!

    And you Luke sounds like my Lucas - needs sleep and food is definitely a future indicator of behavior. And how cool to give birth in another 9 months to such a small new person! Maybe he is just projecting for the next one lol (and after that comment I am glad I am not a neighbor)



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