The Easter Picture Post

Happy Easter, friends!

Just jumping on quickly to jot down some of this year's Easter celebrating.
And this Easter was very different from last year, I would say.
Good…but definitely different :) 
We got to all the Triduum liturgies which was great and the kids did pretty well through it all.  We even braved the Vigil. 

The boys were very excited because it's Mass but WITH FIRE.  And yes, best shot I could get with the squirming and the sneaky pre-Mass phone maneuvering.

The older boys were able to serve which was pretty awesome.  Brian even got roped into being the candle lighter in the sanctuary when the lights got turned on.  All afternoon and during the first few readings, David just kept asking over and over whether it was time to say the forbidden word.  When it was finally time for the Gospel, the choir did such a fabulous job with the Alleluia…and (of course) I cried. 

This was the only way we survived.  About the third reading in, he conked out and was like this until the end of Mass.  He did this for Holy Thursday, too.  I don't think any of our kids ever did this so extra points going to the Luke for being awesome.

Poor David started a rough cough during Mass (of course…seriously, pew neighbors, I promise he didn't sound like a TB patient before we got there!) which lasted through the night.  Due to that and the sleeper, no cute family picture.  But I got the Paschal candle instead?

The cinnamon rolls for the morning were prepped once we got home and the boys were put to bed.  I'll take these over hot cross buns any day.  

I try to keep things simple for Easter baskets.  But I did realize this year that we only had three Easter books, two of which were board books.  So I added a few of those this year.  While I got them all put together, Brian hid the eggs, the "Alleluia" letters, and then the baskets.

And the good deed beans were transformed.

The next morning they were a little excited…this was as good a shot I could get before we let them loose.

This guy found a few eggs and then was semi-content to just play with the eggs and try to sneak candy.

While the other boys ran reckless, Luke plowed through his basket.

Some of the letters found...

    David rallied from his cold to find eggs and baskets and then quickly deflated onto the couch for nearly the rest of the day. 

Little brothers can be very nosy.

We had a few hours of just hanging out before it was time to head to my mom's for brunch.  Since David was deflating and getting pretty lethargic, we figured it best for Brian to stay home with him to not share those germs with the crowd.  Kind of a bummer.

When we got home, we treated the boys to their first ever viewing of Narnia (because Aslan is like Jesus, right?  It's actually a pretty Paschal-y appropriate movie, I think, though we did have to fast forward through some of the scarier scenes for the sake of the littles.)  and then had a quiet family dinner.  It didn't feel much like Easter and the frigid temps and snow falling didn't help much with that.  But thankfully, Easter doesn't depend a whole lot on how we feel.  Besides, we've got a whole week for the big celebrating left.

Alleluia, friends.  He is risen, indeed!
May the risen Christ draw us deep into the hope and joy of the Resurrection.

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  1. Happy Easter!!! John Paul kept begging me to let him go to the Vigil - considering he spent several minutes during Sunday morning Mass picking wax off the pew in front of us (and asking me when Mass would be over so he could go on the Easter egg hunt), I'm thinking he might not be ready for it quite yet ;)


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