Easter Touches and a Few Other Goings On

Checking in with a bit of the {pretty, happy, funny, real} over at Like Mother, Like Daughter on this very chilly April day.  (Seriously…snow in the air.)

My Easter mantel was finally done this week.  I realized I have more Lent decor than Easter and that just doesn't seem right so I made a colorful little banner and finally added some fresh flowers.  They're already dying but for the couple dollars I spent, it was worth it.  Plus, now I get to plant them outside for next year.  White tulips are one of my favorites.

I needed some Easter color.  I think I like how it turned out, although the colors in real life are a little bit brighter than I thought they'd be.

A little behind the scenes.  Burlap is lovely but so very messy.

Our table which is in process of being retransformed into the changing table.

And a kitchen message

John Paul made this cross a few years ago all on his own and now I love that we can put it up on Good Friday (though this year it was pouring so it waited until Saturday).  On Easter we add the white cloth.  John Paul wove a crown out of willow branches to add.

The rain hasn't been as bad as they keep predicting and my yard and I are very very grateful for that.  We even got a rainbow out of it the other evening.  The boys were so excited :)

We've even had a couple of days of very springish weather the last few weeks!  Look at that sky!!  It feels so good to be outside in the sun and the hens are so very very glad to not be quite literally cooped up anymore.  The yard is still pretty mushy but sun.  Oh, the sun feels so nice.

One of the things I'd really like to have done before baby is getting the porch set up.  Brian painted the floor over the weekend (yes, we have to paint it every year…the wood is OLD and the winter is brutal on it).  Once there's no longer a freeze danger I can grab some hanging flowers and get it all set for spring and summer porch relaxing.  So happy!

These boys.  They're crazy and adorable and exhausting.  We were hanging out waiting for Mass to begin in the church and they were running all over the stage at our school day.  Those faces get me.

John Paul and Michael finished up their guitar lessons.  This was their big closing concert ;)  It was quite hysterical to see these two little homeschool preppy boys on the stage with their guitars jamming (word used very very loosely) to Yellow Submarine and Get Up, Stand Up.  I really hope we can keep up with practicing and learning because it's a skill I'd really like them to have.

Birth supply organization in progress does not hamper lesson time :)
I actually really like this part of nesting…getting all the supplies and things ready.  And it definitely makes it all more real.

How's your Thursday?


  1. I totally recognize that guitar book :) It's a great one! Perfect for immediate gratification, and the CD really does make them feel like they're playing much more complicated stuff than they are!

  2. Baby time is fast approaching , you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    I asked "the experts on paint" what paint stands up to the wear and tear of a porch floor. He said really there isn't any. Just plan on painting often. :(
    The house inside and out looks great. Please come quickly Spring.

  3. I love your porch! It looks so comfortable and peaceful. Prayers for a good birth and a healthy baby and many sunny days holding that baby on that relaxing porch :)

  4. I agree - nesting definitely makes it all feel more real! And I don't know about you but my husband is always extra willing to check things off my list when I sporting an 8 month preggo belly! ;)
    We must live relatively close to each other because your weather sounds a lot like ours! Couldn't believe how chilly it was this morning. And we had a rainbow earlier in the week as well!

  5. Love your birthing supplies on the table just chillin' . The porch looks lovely with the red cushions.

  6. I'm envious of your beautiful porch - I really wish we had a covered area for enjoying the outdoors. I love your Easter mantel - so bright, beautiful and simple. I've gotten so lazy about doing anything different on the mantel other than for Christmas. I feel challenged when it comes to decorating.

  7. Lovely Easter things! And I love that you include your baby prep here; it helps me slow down a bit mentaly since I am still two weeks behind you. :)

  8. Love JP's cross.
    Somehow I didn't realise you lived on land.
    Smiled at the pic of your little one working in his 'breastplate':)

    1. We only have an acre and a half but we back up to a farm that has 600 acres (or something like that) so we pretend it's ours. They actually go to our church and are lovely people and let us use the land for walks and things so it's kind of the best of both worlds :)

  9. I love your Easter decorations! So cute and fresh!

  10. LOVE your banner and mantel and all your Easter decor! Keeping you in prayer---may Spring come quickly. And I love Laura's imagery of "many sunny days holding that baby on that relaxing porch :)" and am praying for that too!

  11. Love all of this! And, Mary you have such a gift for bringing beauty into your home. Gorgeous! Everything. All the time! If only you lived closer to come help me beautify our little home. Thinking about you and sweet baby! Hugs and prayers!!!

  12. Your porch is just lovely! I can't get over how you use white in all of your decor and it never looks flat or boring! One day, I hope to be as skilled as you in the home decor department.
    And your Easter banner is beautiful! I love it so much and might have to imitate it next year!


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