This Month in Boys - March 2015

-a monthly recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

John Paul

where I usually find him these days...

-has been so enthusiastic about the maple tapping.  I love it.
-has developed more formal plans with cousin Drew for KIDS, the Kids Invincible Detective Society.
-finished Singapore Math 6…we'll now be transitioning to Teaching Textbooks Algebra.
-requests multiple times a day to go on Noteflight and work on his compositions.
-is just itching to get the new bee hives built.
-has decided that his dream job would be working as a Lego factory engineer.
-is quite sure he'd like to be there for the birth of this baby.
-chooses the Stations of the Cross as his favorite prayer.


-turned EIGHT with a camping style party!
-began working out a secret code with his cousin Sarah.
-has been near inseparable with Michael Jr.
-is still my woefully indecisive child about nearly anything and everything.
-while praying the Stations on Friday nights (using these beautiful cards) always requests to lead at least a few.
-began helping serve at our parish shadowing John Paul.
-finished his Song School Latin I already!  Guess I better get that next one…
-picks the Rosary as his favorite prayer.


-decided, "I wish I was named after God.  David Dominic God."  Clearly the boy struggles with confidence issues.
-has now decided that he, too, would like to be a farmer priest like Michael.
-also declared, "I wish I had eight arms so I could juggle 16 balls.  Like out of my back and out of my side and just coming out all over the place."
-loves helping me make dinner.
-declared after quietly inspecting me at dinner and his eyes lighting up:  "Mama, you look like a bee!"
Me:  "A bee?"
"Yeah, a bee! Like the side of your body…it looks like a bee!"
Me:  "Ohhhh….a B." 
#pregnantsilhouette #butatleastheknowshisletters
-thinks this baby should be named Rosalina?
-chooses the St. Michael prayer as his favorite.


-was overheard one morning looking at the pictures of the Stations we have going up the stairs.  He was stopping at each one saying, "Daily Medition. Pope Benedict the First" then describing what he thought it was and adding in a few holyish sounding words.  The cutest.
-started a little 30 minute Montessori class at our co-op.  He was so proud to talk about "my work" and describe what he got to do in his class.
-has been giving hugs all spontaneous like the past few weeks.  Including total strangers.  (Don't care, I'll still take it ;)
-after seeing some deer in our yard scavenging for food one morning decided that we needed to take one in so "we could have two pets."
-is just about to be transitioned into the big boys' room.  This should be interesting.
-is sure this baby will weigh "five, I mean, three!  Like me!" and should be named Uncle Rob.
 -chooses the Stations of the Cross as his fave prayer.

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