Scenes from Day One

Merry Christmas, sweet friends!

One boy serving, two boys in the choir and it was only three of us in the pew!

Not home raised this time but it still looked like perfection coming out of that oven

Sitting down to the feast

New pjs

The first Christmas cookie taste of the season

Reading The Story before opening gifts (and yes, despite the window, it was morning.  We held them off til about 7)

Placing Baby Jesus

And the opening'll have to wait for shots of everyone's gifts!

The annual homemade better than amazing cinnamon rolls

Happy birthday, Jesus!
(Word on the street is that this chocolate peppermint cheesecake cake is Jesus' fave.  Yes, cheesecake inside that chocolate cake.)

The party is just getting started around here and my heart overflows!
Wishing all of you a beautiful, peaceful, joy-filled season celebrating His Love!


  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family making beautiful memories with your beautiful traditions. It makes my heart so glad!
    P.S. The chocolate peppermint cheesecake was amazing!! And decorated so uniquely!

  2. Merry Christmas!! The pictures are lovely!

  3. Hi Mary! Gorgeous pics! Your home is just lovely and the boys are so adorable.

    Thx for the cheesecake-cake recipe! I just clicked over and sub to the blog...what awesome recipes....great discovery.

    Merry Christmas!!



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