Ready for the Gift

"Christmas must mean more to us every year, and we must not be afraid of immersing ourselves in its joy.  It is the most natural thing in the world that a woman's heart should be moved to tears at the manger, at the sight of that small Person who is the Redeemer of the world, and that this was the way he chose to come."
-Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C.

Christmas is just upon us.  He is almost here.  The dawn is breaking and ready to shine upon our hearts once again and flood us with grace.  He longs to fill our hearts and invites us to come and adore.  He wants us to be ready for when He comes again.  I'm ready to kneel before the manger, letting my eyes fill to the brim with the gratitude and joy and mercy of Him.  I'm ready to be filled even more with whatever the newborn King wishes to give me.  I'm ready to rest in the grace of Christmas and make the choice to immerse myself in the joy His coming should bring.

Last year I shared a whole bunch of my heart with you all through Advent.  It was a beautiful, healing, and very good thing for me.  This year the work He's been doing has been hidden but just as real.   The year has been long but it has been filled with His will, His grace, always.  

My prayers and thoughts are with so many people going through so much this year.  I try to use this extra room He's given us this year with no big concerns or trials (at the moment anyway) as His nudge to pray and sacrifice more for those suffering.  He works His mysterious ways in all of it, of that I'm sure.  

May you be flooded with His gifts and graces this Christmas and always.  May this Christmas mean more to you this year than it ever has before.  May He free us all to worship Him without fear and bring us to His peace.  May we all be ready to meet Him now and when He comes again.  

My wish for you this Christmas is to be immersed in the mystery of His coming and that we can all abandon our defenses, our oversensitivities, our unaccomplished projects, our pride, our self consciousness so that the gift of His love and joy is free to rush in.

I'm ready.  Let's enter into the mystery of Christmas together, friends.

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