A {phfr} Quickie...because in case you hadn't heard Christmas is coming

Jumping in for {phfr}, just a quick one today because in case you weren't aware there's this little thing called Christmas that is one week away and someone has got to get her package sending and cookie dough making groove on.

This is a little bit of what my mornings have been lately.  I can't even tell you what a difference it makes to wake up at a ridiculous hour to get that quiet time in.  A few mornings I've even naturally woken up at 4:45 or 5 and since I couldn't sleep anyway, I decided to come down then.  It sounds crazy and yet it is the very thing that keeps me from going crazy.  Most of the time.

Luke figured out that the magformers stick to the tub.  I came in the other day to find several of them in here playing happily...for a few moments at least.  These things have been so engaging for all of them.

This is my favorite.
Courtesy John Paul.  Poor guy was half melted a few hours later but in the meantime, he made my afternoon.  We need to get another one on there once it snows again to surprise our favorite John the mailman.

There have been lots of projects going on around here.  This is how The Luke contributes.  
(Can you see the yards and yards of tape???}

The table is mostly cleared now but it looked like a variation of this for a good couple weeks.  Pics to come...eventually...of at least some of our finished products!

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  1. Fun! Definitely want to see the finished projects. :) There is something very special about the quiet in the very early morning.

  2. The snowman! how brilliant!

  3. My kids always get tape in their stockings for that very reason! Love the snowman. Blessings, Annie

  4. That snowman is brilliant! And hilarious! I hope your mailman gets a kick out of it :)

  5. I love the snowman. Do you think if I did this it would keep the snowplows from knocking down my mailbox, again? The magnets in the tub are a great idea. They are such a simple and versatile toy.
    Hugs to all. :)


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