This Month in Boys - November 2014

John Paul

-has become enamored with rockets and researching recipes to make his own rocket fuel.
-began watching the The Fellowship of the Ring with Brian.  This is a huge milestone in our home :)  I'm not sure who was more excited - father or son?
-has started to get very frustrated with Latin.  This is the first time we've actually had to work through something and it's not clicking right away (and in his mind isn't logical).  It's a good lesson in many ways, though.
-is already pouring through our new-to-us encyclopedias.  They may be slightly less out of date than our old ones.  "Mama!  These ones have the moon landing!"
-won third place in his spelling bee age group!
-from the four classic temperaments, he is definitely our sanguine child.
-is rooting for the name Anthony if the baby is a boy.


-has been super enthusiastic with helping to cook dinner.
-draws like crazy lately.  And is getting pretty darn good!
-has also been all about the crafts lately.  Clothespin people, pilgrim hats (get ready, Thanksgiving peeps!), and hot glue all the time.
-started piano lessons.
-when he sings (if he doesn't know you're listening) has the most beautiful little voice.  I love hearing it.
-has been wanting to play Mass more and more with David.
-is our classic melancholic.
-is undecided on baby names.  Francis, Joseph, and Maximilian have all been mentioned.


-began illustrating his autobiography.
-has also been in drawing and coloring mode lately.  They both LOVE using these books.
-is pretty sure he's going to make his First Holy Communion in the Holy Land.  Upping the ante much, buddy?
-has the most infectious giggle pretty much ever.
-uses hand gestures and facial expressions in the most adorable way.  Especially when conveying something VERY exciting.
-is doing well on a half dose of his medicine every 3 days.  This is a pretty big deal for us.
-is most definitely our choleric.
-is pretty convinced this new baby is a girl.
-so randomly chose "Rose" as his first baby name choice.  


-has begun spontaneously telling us he loves us "with his whole heart."  
-is convinced that one of my breasts is actually the baby's head.
-upon seeing an inflatable snowman and santa at the store:  "Mama!  Look!  A big silly marshmallow man...And GANDALF!"
-if he doesn't fall asleep at nap time (which is pretty much every day nowadays) will soundlessly climb out of his bed and change his clothes (which involves emptying most of his dresser).
-is the first child to require us to install locks on a few interior doors.
-requests that Phillip Phillips be played whenever there is music on.  ("The Fire Song" and "Gone, Gone, Gone" are his faces.)
-is a big fan of singing the alphabet.  And puzzles.
-if I had to pick right now, I'd say he's a sanguine-choleric.
-thinks he is absolutely hilarious when he gives his baby name choice:  "David's House."
(??  I don't even know.)


  1. Haha, that is my girls favorite name too. Everytime they play pretend or with babies, the name is always Rose. Regardless, Gabe offers Jummy as a boys name because supposedly it goes with John Paul, or Scooter if he scoots a lot like Daniel. Catherine picked Madeline, Sophia chose Abigail and Anna says if its a boy, James and if its a girl, Mary. So there you have it.

    We have been using those drawing books for our 'art' and they love it. All my big kids are obsessed with drawing.

  2. My youngest daughter's middle name is Rose because my son chose that name for her. I have 3 girls and one 1 boy and when we found out the fourth was a girl, the one boy was VERY disappointed but he kept saying that "Rose is a beautiful name". So her name is "Elsa Rose" (instead of "Elsa Marie" which was our other choice.

  3. All the potential baby names are awesome! Really can't go wrong with any of the saints' names. =) Love how Luke identified santa as "Gandalf".

  4. Your breast is the baby's head...that's hilarious!


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