Prayers for Buffalo, Please.

So it's pretty bad out here in Buffalo.
Except where it's not.
The atypical lake effect snow band hit an extremely narrow portion of the area and did so quickly so that just five or ten miles away from our home people are under three to SIX feet of snow while we here at our house have just a couple inches.  

For many it's been a couple fun and cozy snow days.  It's been fun seeing all the crazy pictures on Facebook.  (Click over here to see some...they are all real, it's insane.  Seriously, click.)  It didn't hit me until today, though, when it was reported that a man froze to death in his car in a nearby town just how bad this is.  

People were trapped on the thruway for thirty hours.  There are people literally trapped in their homes and driving bans in all the affected parts of town.  The police have asked for help from anyone with a snowmobile to rescue people.  Several have died from heart attacks while shoveling and the emergency response crews are tapped to the max.  To greatly compound the problem, we are expected to get warmer temperatures this weekend which will inevitably cause a whole lot of homes and roads to flood.

I keep thinking about all the elderly and disabled who may very well be dying in their homes right now due to lack of food, heat, medicine, or because their furnace vents are buried in snow and carbon monoxide is leaking in their home.  In some towns you literally cannot get out your door without tunneling your way through the snow.  They're trapped.  

Would you please stop right now and say a Memorare (or whatever prayer you'd like) and maybe offer a sacrifice for those people?  

Thank you, friends.  

from WGRZ


  1. Prayers sent. Thank you for mentioning those in desperate need.

  2. Yup, I've been pretty freaked out about this! It's so scary! Continued prayers for all!

  3. Praying! Thanks for rallying the prayers.

  4. Praying here. This is unbelievable! Thanks for letting us know.

  5. It's like the tale of two cities: the north part is under sunny skies, living life normally, while to the south, they have been buried by 70-80 inches of snow! That's 6-7 feet!! And the snow is very heavy, so shoveling & snow blowing is very difficult. Buffalo has incredible people who rally around those in need and that's happening all over town. But the need is great and the roads are still impassible so Mary is right, there are many who are trapped in their homes needing assistance and they can't be reached. Please pray for them.

  6. We live in North Country about 45 miles north of watertown. Its o ly been a foot and a half for us but watertown has been getting slammed.

    Lots of prayers.


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