This Month in Boys :: September 2014

(Preemptory bad photo warning.  I do not know what is going on with my camera but apparently it and focusing are on bad terms right now.)

John Paul

-in response to my question of what he would like to do this fall immediately replied,
"Go to Cuba."
(He meant the Caribbean.  Not that that clarifies anything but I'm relieved to know there aren't any commie-sympathizers in this house.)
-felt pretty cool riding his first jet ski.  He has plans to own one in the future.
-is taking biology and painting at a local learning center once a week.
-asked the other day at what age he would be allowed to own a machete.
-has been really interested in looking up all sorts of local nature (especially birds) in his field guide and teaching us all what they are.
-has already decided that he would like to be St. Anthony for All Saints' Day.
-says his favorite thing about fall is jumping in the leaves and collecting chestnuts.  (They can be made into conkers, you know.)


- requested, "Can I have some more food, Mama?  I need to get fatter so I can wear a watch."  (It's true.)
-has been extra snuggly and physically affectionate lately.  Soaking it in.
-has decided he would like to be a priest when he grows up.
-is taking biology, history, and singing classes at a local learning center.
-loves helping me cook dinner and breakfast.
-has been slowly learning a little bit of piano from John Paul...but would still rather take guitar.
-has opted for St. Francis for All Saints'...gonna love making two matching habits!
-thinks playing in the leaves and making leaf forts is the best part of fall.


-went to work with Papa a few weeks ago and was thrilled.
-learned to ride a two-wheeler!
-never ever remembers to take off his bike helmet and I'll see him in the house several hours after riding still wearing it.
-has been wearing a yellow bow tie to Mass.  It's the cutest.
-is part of a once a week pre-k and science class at a local learning center.
-has decided that purple has now triumphed over green as the favorite color.
-begs to do his lessons every day.  He's working (slowly) on first grade math, learning to read, and handwriting.
-is very excited this fall "to catch the leaves when they come falling down.  And what Michael said."


-says "I can't know" when he means "I don't know."  So adorable.
-is my first toddler who will look you in the face, disobey with a grin, and run away.
-is intentionally asked questions that he will say yes to because he has the cutest inflection when he says "mmmhmmm!"
-wakes up at 6 a.m. every day and hangs with Papa upstairs while I get to have some quiet time downstairs.
-two words:  Nap. Strike.
-besides being the impiest imp there ever was he is also fantastically cute and makes us laugh even when he's being naughty.
-needs his mother to catch him on video singing Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips.  It's hysterical.
-likes to "catch ropes" in the fall.
Mama:  "Do you mean catch leaves?"
L:  "No, catch ropes."
Alrighty then.


  1. I think a boy should get a machete when he needs to cut a path through a rain forest. The pictures look great to me. Luke is definitely the impiest. He looks like he is planning something. Love and hugs to all.


  2. I love all the boyness!! So cute! I think your pictures are perfect.

  3. ah, i didn't even know he was in the pre-k class with sophia! glad to know she is in good company :) i've got a st. perpetua, a st. catherine of siena and a st. archangel defend us in battle (took us a second to decipher that one) on our hands so far. either that or the ninja turtle who is named raphael, cuz apparently that counts since he was named after an angel!


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