Knitting, Reading, and a Prayer Request

Last year I happened upon a copy of Four Stories by Sigrid Undset at a used book sale at the library.  I grabbed it right away having recently finished and having loved Kristin Lavransdatter and I tucked it away to be read later.  I just now finished the third story and man.  I was really hoping for them to click with me more.  They remind me of Flannery or Dorothy Parker.  A bit too depressing and not enough resolution for this non-intellectual who usually needs a bit of help seeing the full glass.  They're the kind of stories where they end and you're like, "Wait.  That's it?  Everyone is just sad??"  And then you feel sad, too, and like there was probably some deeper meaning and plot line that you totally missed and need your eleventh grade English teacher to flesh out for you.  So that was disappointing.  But I, ever the one who must finish a project, will read the last one and maybe, just maybe, I'll like that one more.  I do plan on getting Undset's biography of St. Catherine of Siena soon and working my way through that.  At least I know how that one ends.

I just finished two newborn hats using all organic cotton scrap yarn from my stash and tried my hand a bit more at striping.  These are for some doula babies I hope to be meeting in a few weeks!  Now I have to get working on something extra special for a brand new nephew who was born a few days ago!!  Welcome sweet baby Keaton!  We are thrilled that you're here and can't wait until we get to meet you! 

And hey, if y'all could pray for a young man named Paul whose cancer has returned and who is a brand new dad to the sweetest little baby girl, I'd really be grateful.  Lord Jesus, please please heal Paul.  Thank you, friends!

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  1. Praying! (and I love the triple stripe ;) )

  2. What a sweet hat! I am praying right now for Paul. God bless.

  3. I hope you enjoy the St. Catherine of Sienna biography! It was the first saint bio that I ever read and it's really good--although it was depressing in the sense that it made me think of how unlike her I was/am :)

  4. I have heard so much about this Sigrid Undset and her book Kristin Lavransdatter. First of all, I got them mixed up and thought that Sigrid Undset was the name of the book and that Kristin was the author. :) Anyway, I have Kristen Lavransdattar on my amazon list to be purchased and read but I am SO GLAD you mentioned that she wrote a biography of St. Catherine of Sienna. I'm working on reading more about saints, so I'll have to snag that one as well!!!

  5. Thanks for asking for prayers for Paul. He is such a great guy, loving husband,proud new daddy, faithful Catholic and a heck of alot of fun. God have mercy on him


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