This Month in Boys - August 2014

John Paul

-began serving at the altar at daily Mass!  Ah, God is so good.
-for his his date with me chose a cheeseburger dinner at Applebee's and a trip to the new Cabela's where we ogled bows and bee bee guns and all things boy.
-was disappointed his plan of a backyard campout with his friends didn't work out.
-at any given moment likely has two or three pocket knives on him.  Always prepared.
-began mowing the lawn completely on his own!  Life. Changing.
-still gets a once in a while Jeopardy! viewing treat at night and usually gets a few answers right.
-is responsible for taking out the garbage and recycling, bringing the chickens food and water, and a daily mom's-choice chore.


-lost another tooth!
-found and caught a baby robin who was injured in our yard.  For several hours it was eating worms out of his and Michael's hands.  The poor bird didn't make it but it was so sweet to watch them!
-has been belting out the tunes at Mass lately.  It's the most heartwarming thing ever.
-began learning multiplication!
-has caught Lego fever.  Any time he's got some free time, that's where he'll be.
-suddenly shot up two shoe sizes (which explains those middle of the night growing pains).
-got a rock to the head from a certain younger brother and narrowly escaped stitches.  Whoever it is who discovered liquid bandage, I salute and thank you.
-says his favorite chore is to cook.  His current daily responsibilities are getting eggs from the chickens and bringing them the kitchen scraps, picking up anything he's gotten out, and one extra mom's-choice chore in the afternoon.  (This doesn't include Saturday work days.)


-has been thriving on only having to take his medicine every other day!  This is actually really huge.  God is so good.
-while making some pretend armor declared, "Real knights clean their armor and keep it nice after a battle so there isn't any blood on it."
To which I replied, "Yeah, well, you shouldn't be getting any real blood on yours, right?"
And he, "Well, maybe if a dead bird got on it." 
Me: ...
-still often has to take a nap the next day if he doesn't go to bed well or sleep through the night before.
-was super helpful in giving some tips to Luke on behaving during Mass.  (Ahem...Dear Kettle, You are black.  Love, Pot.)  My favorite was this gem: "Lukey, just say "NO, Satan!" when Satan makes you want to get out of the pew."  Not gonna say I clarified anything there, I need all the reinforcement I can get these days...
-is our resident fretter.
-has finally allowed a color to usurp the green throne.  The new favorite is purple.
-has the current chores of feeding and watering Maggie, clearing his dishes, and picking up his toys.


-is our condiment boy.  The others typically eschew them but he'll try anything and loves it.  I love that he eats almost anything.  He'll also snag your beer or wine while you're not looking and doesn't even wince at a stout.
-is our first to look you in the eye and do the exact opposite of what you just told him.  Just because.
-upon hearing a discussion from his brothers of how the devil doesn't want us to go to Mass, exclaimed on the way to Mass, "Mama, we go fight Satan!"
Me:  You're allowed to fight Satan.  That's a good fight.
L:  (Very excited) Brothers!  We ALLOWED to fight Satan!
-has entered the "why?" phase.
-was swimming with just floaties the other day!
-figured out how to climb out of the crib.  (It was a long run but I'm still mourning anyway.)
-is obsessed with turning on the hose.  It's driving me mad.
-is figuring out how to make jokes..."Brothers!  Look this!  I fun-ny!"  And he is :)
-doesn't do much in the way of chores except for the occasional playing of garbage man...emptying the little garbage pails around the house into the big can and is slowly learning how to put away toys.


  1. Thanks for all the smiles you gave to me. Hugs and love to all.


  2. What lovely boys! I look forward to the day my son can mow the lawn, I am sure that is a game changer for sure!!


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