Summertime Slideshow

Lots of random memories to record from the past few weeks of summer.  So sit back in your folding chair while I narrate you through...

We went creeking with Heather and Megan on a beautiful morning!

It felt so good to have a nice day and stick our feet in the water.

Around the corner from our house is this place in this couple's backyard with a mile of track and model trains you can ride on!  They have an open house once a year and we stumbled upon it this year unexpectedly, just seeing the sign up as we passed.

You can't take pictures while riding but you better believe I rode with them all around the forest!  Last time we were here, Luke was in the womb!

Our real destination was the bike path.  This was when Brian was gone and I needed to get us out of the house.  Contrary to what the picture might imply, this trip with two littles who were overtired and hadn't napped and a spent mama did not go well.  But at least I got a cute picture out of it?

Ooh, now we're at the zoo with some friends!  All rainbow-like we are, aren't we?  
There was a fundraiser at the Rochester Zoo for an organization that supports pediatric heart surgery families and our friend's son is one of those who has been helped.  It was after hours so the zoo was closed to the public and the weather was beautiful (until it started raining at the very end).

Dad orangutan.  There was a mother with her baby, though the best shot with all that fence I could get was this:

Sort of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.  And almost touchable.  We tried.

Sad massive rhino

Do you think bald eagles feel misunderstood?  No, really, I do not scorn you!

On safari 

A sweet beautiful elephant

David insisted he bring his tiger mask for when we saw the tigers.  Unfortunately, the tigers were not opting to be seen.

This guy was in various places throughout the zoo.  We thought he looked a bit too...presidential.
"It's okay, little Brian.  My nanny state will take care of you."
(Who knew he had such great calves?)

They had a kazoo-along with some children's entertainers which is about exactly as much fun as you are imagining.
Michael, though, was in his glory.  His smile was so big.  Apologies for my lame-o picture of it all. 

 And this is where we've spent most of our summer this year, it seems.  (Check out that rope action!) We've had a lot of rain this summer and cooler temperatures.  I'm still waiting for it to feel like summer before it's over!  I actually started the boys on some lessons the other day in the hope that if summer shows up in September we can take some time off then.  

And a pre-bedtime read aloud caught by the husband.  
Which reminds me of our plans to go blueberry picking soon before they're all gone!

Capturing some contentment with the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter this fine Thursday...


  1. Foze- I gotta tell you, I find your hair cut stunningly beautiful. And I really mean that. Because, like, if I didn't, I just wouldn't say anything. BUT, I like it enough that I am commenting on it one or two posts later.
    That is all.

    1. The best part of this whole comment is that you're signed in as Aaron :) But thank you. I'm slowly getting used to it!

    2. Foze! I am laughing out loud, and you can imagine how a good laugh is needed. That is so funny. Thank goodness you were savvy enough to realize it was me, because, like, could you imagine how creeper that would be?

  2. I'm gonna agree with Aaron : ) - your haircut is perfect. And in 2 weeks I think you'll love it. Whenever i get my hair "stacked" , it seems to take 2 weeks before I start to like it.

    Such a great slideshow.

  3. Man, my dad would love to build a riding train in his backyard so he could be a real life conductor (I swear he's still 10 years old sometimes). Also, I love Blueberries for Sal - it's such a nice little story and the illustrations are really sweet.

    (Also, I too think your haircut is lovely.)

  4. Looks like lots of summertime fun for all! Loved the baby orangutan!

  5. Love the picture of you and the boys for bedtime stories. So sweet and perfect! Glad y'all have had cooler temperatures! It's been crazy hot with really random cool fronts here in Texas. So strange. lol Anywho, fun post and I'm going to chime in on loving your haircut too! I really do! Short hair looks great on you! Loving your recent posts sharing that little journey! :)

  6. Oh! Brian and the, er, 'Guide' cracked me up! Love that shot of the bedtime story. The Blueberry Pie Elf is a great one for blueberrying too. Have fun!


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