A Rainbowhead Update (and Firmoo review)

One of the perks of being a blogger and sharing way too much of yourself on the internet is that you sometimes get free stuff.  That makes up for the vulnerability, critiques, assumptions, and privacy lost, right?  Last week I received my new pair of glasses in the mail and thought I'd let you know that in case you are a glasses-wearer and haven't gotten on the "order your glasses online" train yet, it's past time.  Here's a little factoid you might not know about me:  My vision is horrible.  Like really really bad.  Without my contacts in, I can barely see my hand in front of my face and would probably suffer some unseemly unfortunate accident in about seventy two seconds, if not before then.  So I wear them until the last two minutes before bed.  I'm not a glasses person.  I don't like how they usually look and how things are all blurry out the sides.  Someday maybe I'd like to get corrective surgery but until a few extra thousand falls into my lap, it won't be happening for a while.  So I still need to have a good pair of glasses for that trip to my bed and for times when I can't wear my contacts for whatever reason.

Enter Firmoo.

Firmoo let me pick out a pair of glasses and sent them totally free so that I would then let you know my thoughts.  How fun is that?  Firmoo lets you shop online for glasses, they offer your first pair FREE (plus shipping), and you can upload a pic of yourself and "try them on" online.  Sure, it isn't the same as trying them on in person but you can't beat their prices.  After the first free pair, most of their frames are $10-40.  I was able to enter my prescription without having had a recent eye exam or validation from a doctor.  (That is HUGE to me.  WHY in the world we have to request permission from the authorities in order to buy contact lenses in this great big land of America is beyond me.  Why, government, will you not let me just go to the store and pick up some new contact lenses?)  At least with Firmoo you don't need that.  And you can get some sweet new glasses for almost zero hassle and your first pair for just a few dollars shipping.

I ordered these numbers (except when I ordered them they were still available in black.   I sort of like the brown better!).  I'm not sure I love love them but I'm not sure I like me in any glasses so this is probably the best I'm going to do.

Eh.  But free!  Thanks, Firmoo!

On a related and even vainer note, I know what you're not thinking:  How's that gray hair transition going, Mary?  Well...interestingly?  My hair on top is getting lighter and lighter.  I kind of forget about it until I look in the mirror and remember that my hair is all different colors and it looks really really wacked out.  There's some really really light reddish brown on top (sun?  old dye lightening?), dark brown underneath, and a whole lot of gray coming in.  I'm actually starting to get kind of excited to see what this will look like when it's fully transitioned except for the times that I look in the mirror and see what it really looks like .

If my tri-colored head didn't look crazy enough, I decided to do that thing and get my hair cut yesterday.  I feel like longer hair is way more "me."  I'm pretty sure God meant to give me Minnie Driver's hair.  I'm still coming to terms with it.  A few months ago I even had to give in to the fact that four postpartum hair losses have not been kind to me plus I felt like it might help the gray transition go a little better, chopping off the old hair and all.  So I got it cut.  Then yesterday it needed a trim and I was hoping to get some layering put in.  I did what they say to do and went in with a cute little picture to go by.  This one, in case you're wondering:

Cute, right?

Long story short, she went way short.  Too short.  The other hairdresser came over to help with what the fancy ladies call some "stacking."  As if my head is a pile of pancakes or something.  And before you know it, helper lady had taken off WAY more than the pictures I had shown to the first, now mortified and apologetic hairdresser lady.  And guess what delightful surprise lay underneath?
Just guess.
BLACK hair. 
Because three different colors weren't enough for this head of mine.  I needed jet black hair underneath to complete the look.  So now crazy rainbow head has met crazy short cut.  It's delightful.  Except not at all.  But I'll share some pictures with the world anyway as an exercise in profound humility and sanctity.  Just call me Saint Rose of Lima.  Next thing you know I'll be smearing pepper on my face.  

The best shot I could get last night.  Not thaaat bad.  But wait.

This morning.  AFTER I LITERALLY washed my hair with Dawn dish soap because the lady said it might help with stripping out the old dye.  DAWN DISH SOAP.  


Now where's that box in the medicine cabinet??


  1. I actually love it! Can't wait to see it in person. (Every time I get my hair cut - like once every two years - I always think they took too much off, until a few days later when I've gotten used to it and realize that's actually what I asked them to do... ;) )

  2. I actually think the length is pretty darn close to the picture! and remember, the model has her hair colored. highlighted curled and styled. you just got out of the dawn soap shower. and still, i think they look pretty close. so let me style it for you and see what you think. i'm excited to see it!

    1. It is, I guess but it's a lot more stacked and inverted than I was going for. The lady kept telling me I could come back today and she would fix it for free but I figured I should go home and play with it before cutting off more! Yes, please style it for me. Like everyday okay?

  3. I really like it! Maybe I should get mine cut like that. Hey you know Theresa in person!:) Nicole too, not that I can see Nicole's blog, (that's my grip with google plus you can't see people's blogs:( )

    1. I do! Nicole doesn't have a blog, though. Just seven kids under eight ;)

  4. I got the Firmoo offer in my email, but I wasn't sure if it was spam. But now you're reminding me that I absolutely need new glasses for Zeke, so I'm going to give them a try.

    Also, I really love your hair. It is super sassy!

  5. You are so fun, thanks for making my day! I'm inspired to actually get my hair done, too....which NEVER happens!

  6. Your hair looks great for growing out color. Seriously. Mine was so gray that I had an actual growth line to grow out. It took a year for it to grow far enough to finally cut off. And even though the whole front and top is gray, underneath in the back is the darkest color I've ever had -- dark, dark brown. I don't get that either.

    Thanks for the tip about the glasses. Did you have to send in measurements for your head width? I don't guess they can do bifocals. My son needs bifocals -- eye muscle correction.

    1. You have to give your pupillary distance which you can measure yourself with a metric ruler. It gives instructions on the site. I don't *think* they do bifocals, but not sure. I love your hair! I hope mine gets to be that uniform of a color soon!

  7. Your new cut looks GREAT- both in the pics and in person!! I was considering getting the same style today when I got a trim! You really wear it well- the invert really frames your face! Love it!


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