A Little More Like Monica (psst...come pray with me!)

I wonder sometimes when the lesson will stick.
When I will give up the worrying, the fretting, the anxiety, the half-hearted resolutions, the frustrations, all of that, and begin to pour out my heart to Him a bit more.  When will I remember, really let it become a part of my being and belief, that I have a heavenly Father that loves my husband and children and other loved ones infinitely more than I ever could?  When will I replace that time spent in fear or doubt or setting unreasonable expectations for myself and instead spend it on my knees interceding instead?

This week I'd like to take a step forward in that and I thought maybe you'd like to join me.  
I'll be praying a novena to St. Monica beginning Tuesday and ending on her feast day, August 27.  

Check out this list-
Monica is the patron saint of 
troubled parents
difficult children
battered wives
despondent mothers
victims of infidelity 
loved ones who have left the Church
 and wayward children.
Some pretty hardcore, all-encompassing things, huh?  

She prayed for years for the conversion of her son Augustine as well as for her husband Patricius who was unfaithful as well as an alcoholic.  Both of them were brought to Christ through her prayers.  Like the Canaanite woman in today's Gospel that dared to beg Christ for the healing of her daughter, Monica pleaded for years for the salvation of her husband and son, fasting and praying constantly.  Both were converted and one of them became one of the foremost doctors of the Church, so great was his conversion.  The entire body of Christ is indebted to this simple mother for her incessant prayers that allowed us to have one of the greatest most influential minds in our Church who then in turned inspired countless more to conversion of mind and heart.

I can't say I have an all-out Augustine (yet) but I do have that child.  Maybe you do, too.  Or maybe that marriage.  How many of us share a bit of that same heartache of that mother of seventeen centuries ago!  I'll be begging her intercession for that particular offspring as well as for continued healing in my own marriage.  That, I know, will bear much more fruit than the worry, the fear, the brooding, and the anxiety that I am so prone to indulge in instead. 

So please, join me in prayer for our children (biological or spiritual) and husbands.  I'd love to know if you will be praying with me and if you'd like, please place your intentions in the comments or email me privately (betterthaneden1 (at) yahoo (dot) com) and I can add your names or intentions to my list.  (And please also share with others you know who may be in particular need.)  

May Saint Monica be our example in fidelity and trust in God's love, mercy, and faithfulness and may she intercede for all of our intentions.

St. Monica, pray for us!

"Hence most calmly and with a heart filled with confidence, she replied to me how she believed in Christ that before she departed from this life she would see me a faithful Catholic.  This much she said to me.  But to you, O fountain of mercies, she multiplied her prayers and tears, so that you would speed your help and enlighten my darkness."
Confessions 6:1:8-9

The tomb of Saint Monica in the Church of Saint Augustine in Rome


  1. We will be praying this with you..especially for my husband to find a good job and for me to have peace about our whole situation.

  2. Yup, I definitely have THAT child. Let's hope he's not an Augustine either, but I certainly identify with St. Monica a lot when I deal with him...

  3. I will join you in the novena especially for my husband and patience for myself - thank you for doing this

  4. Thank you!!!
    For my husband and our marriage, our children and family, my faith and softening of my heart.

  5. I'll be praying with you and for you, dear friend.

    I will be praying also for my husband to find a good job as he finishes his last semester in December. For greater patience, love, and understanding as a mother and wife. For my children and their vocations, especially the child who has been most difficult to handle lately.

  6. I'm praying it also. Please remember my friend Sarah who is struggling with infertility. My intention will be for the Moms in our Moms group at church - we all seem to be struggling right now.

  7. I'll be praying right along with you:) I fee like I have a lot of "those" types in my life. St. Monica, pray for us!

  8. I'll be praying with and for you! If you would, please pray that God blesses my husband and I with earthly children.

  9. I'm in. I need to spend more time in prayer for my kidsan d my husband, and I would also like to add at least one of my kids to the "that kid" list! Thanks, Mary!

  10. I will be praying with you, Mary. My oldest child just moved into his first apartment, first real career job, but he does not voluntarily go to Mass. He went with us when he was home after college before his apartment was ready, but I fear he will not go at all now. He does not have a strong faith in God (because he is young and invincible, you know). And for a stronger faith for my children who attend Mass under our parental and watchful eyes, that they learn to love it as we do, and with even more fervor.

  11. I'm also in! I need to pray for my own marriage, my sons, my mom and for MANY family members who have left the Church. Thank you so much for doing this, Mary!

  12. I'm in, too, Mary. All of us at my house are a little ragged right now as we adjust to the new baby and my husband's new job. It seems like two of my children are competing to see which of them should have the title of "THAT child." I've been the despondent mother more than once in the last few weeks...I should be doing more praying and less fretting. Thanks for doing this.


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