Seven Quick Takes Instead of Edel

Greetings, fellow people who are not in Texas enjoying the fellowship of Catholic women bloggers with wine and shoes and delicious food!  Sure, it'd be nice to be at a fancy hotel with comfy beds and mixed drinks and so many of the people you know online all in one place chatting and laughing and drinking and eating all the delicious foods.  BUT I have much more pressing things here at home like taking care of my children while their father leads a retreat in another state.  I'm pretty sure the authorities frown on leaving a ten year old in charge of three younger children for three days, right?  Probably.  So pretty much I've got the opposite of Edel going on over here.  But that's okay because here's what else I'll be doing while you're all "mingling" and "having fun":

Watching this happen:

You guys.  He was so excited.  SO excited.  And it was kind of all placed right in our lap.  This isn't even our parish but we go to daily Mass here and one of the secretaries of the parish who sees us there all the time approached me the other day about John Paul serving daily Mass.  And the next day, it was set up and then today this happened.  He's being trained by the man who usually serves and I know it probably seems like some small blip in the whole world of Catholic parenting for some but ah, it's just so awesome to see your son up there serving at the altar.  He was walking on air afterwards.  We'll see how it works out but this could be such a huge blessing to serve this way.  So good.  So so good.

Knitting Placentas and Waiting on Babies:

My uterus is done and I'm quite happy with it and even got to demonstrate with it at a meeting!  (Ha, it's a knitted uterus, people.  I mean, it's not like I'm weird or anything.)  So now I've started the placenta.  I had three moms due in the space of a month which is another reason Edel wouldn't have worked out.  Two of the three have already had their babies, though!  Yay!  Number three likely has a few more weeks to go but still possible so I'm on call for that sweet little girl, too.  I've got to get started on a hat for that babe, too.

Watching The Way:

Brian and I started this last weekend and got half way through.  I decided that today being the feast of St. James the Greater and the movie being about El Camino Santiago de Compostela (The Way of Saint James) and all, it is the perfect day to finish it off.  The first half gets my recommendation and possibly the second but we shall see.  Half-hearted apologies to the husband for not waiting.

Fonzmobile Dance Parties:

Clearly the dance parties that will inevitably break out at Edel have nothing on these.

Not Blogging about NFP
Not that I don't want to.  NFP Awareness Week and all.  But there's just no unique take I have on it at the moment or more accurate, a take that I have the motivation to write about.  I'd much rather direct you to these wonderful posts all of which I beg you to click, read, and share:

Why I Don't Use Contraception by Rachel Lu in The Federalist
Abusing NFP by Kathleen van Schaijik A Thousand Amens, Kathleen!

Taco Parties, Pizza Parties, Moving, Lawn Fetes, and More...
I have the awesomest friends that are keeping me busy while Brian is gone, a sister and brother-in-law who are moving (the lady with the herniated disk and the four children will CLEARLY be a huge help in the process, I'm sure), our parish's annual picnic at which we will finally finally win one of those goldfish, and if we're lucky, maybe even a trip to Trader Joe's in there.  Please try to contain the jealousy.

And then, of course, there's this:

The excitement never ends, friends.  Never.  Ends.
Take that, Edel.  You ain't got nothin' on the excitement goin' on over here.

(And seriously, those of you who do have the lovely privilege of being at Edel, I hope you have a blast!  Really.  And plan another one for next year, please.  And if it could be worked around my schedule and location, that would be great, too.  Thanks ;)

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  1. re 1- Not a small blip AT ALL!! So excited, jumping in my seat, I have been praying that he would start serving since you first mentioned it:):) I still get thrills from my guys serving and my oldest has been serving 11 years now. My boys are now 19, 17, 15 & 8 (the serving ones that is not the youngers) and I so get the thrills even now particularly when they serve together:):)

    1. Thank you, Erin! I love hearing that from moms of older boys. It was mentioned that Michael could start soon, too, but we're going to get John Paul going first. I think my heart might explode if/when I see the two of them up there together :)

    2. Yep your heart will definitely explode:){{}}

  2. Great takes! Love the dance party :)

  3. Ha! Maybe you should change your blog name to "Better than Edel!"

    1. Haha, yes if I could pull off writing humor as well as some of those ladies, it would be awesome to switch it up for a weekend all in fun :)

  4. Oh come on, there is NOTHING more exciting than an odometer about to hit a nice round 100,000! :)

    But yes, I feel your pain. Edel wasn't in the realm of possibility for me this year (not to mention I get PTSD-esque twinges every time I think about returning to Texas after several years stationed in that suffocating furnace), but my husband is also off for eight days of field training right now as well. Pre-kids when he traveled or deployed I always knocked out big projects like painting or remodeling and surprised him when he came home. He's had to travel four times without me in the last year - some Army stuff, some family visits - and every time I make big plans just like the old days to paint a few rooms, rewire a light, perhaps bake some gourmet items for the neighbors, clean the garage, sew some fall dresses for our daughter... Every single time, dreams meet reality and lose. By the time the children are finally in bed and my time is my own I tend to collapse in an exhausted blob with a cup of tea and back episodes of Call the Midwife or Foyle's War or something. Seven days down and nary a room painted - ah well. He'll still love us all :).

    Honestly, though, I AM so jealous about the Trader Joe's trip. Our closest is in the big city an hour and a half away and yes I get very funny looks from the cashiers when I sweep entire armloads off the shelves to stockpile the items we can't get here. What, they DON'T buy 20 bottles of jojoba oil for their kids' hair every time the shop at TJs?

    1. We didn't end up doing TJ's but I so get you. This store is new and the first in our area and for years any time I was in another city with TJ's I was the lady with the 20 jars of peanut butter and 15 packs of tortillas :)

      I used to be able to knock out projects when the husband was gone and it felt so good but the past few times, not so much. Glad he's home..I feel like a big baby now that almost four days was so rough here when you routinely have to do more!

    2. You know, the funny thing with a traveling spouse is that it doesn't matter how frequently they travel our how long they're gone for (some of our military friends have deployed eight or more times and I feel like such a wimp compared to them). For some odd reason just one weekend a year, several weeks, or many months together feel equally awful because our husbands are such a critical part of our households and marriages. It's like half of yourself is gone, and that stinks even when it's just a day at work or an evening out. My Dad used to only travel once a year and we always fell apart - the appliances knew when he was gone. They'd wait until he was five minutes out of the driveway, then the washer, dryer, dishwasher, and stove would stage a universal strike and quit in unison.

  5. I think #1 is a huge deal! And the odometer, too ;) We've had a super-exciting morning so far of Elizabeth eating chalk, Mary Claire eating mud, reorganizing the freezer, and Andrew taking the older kids to the Farmer's Market and Trader Joe's. So much more exciting than Texas ;)

  6. Hey, also not at Edel, but, really, how could that match the excitement of your odometer? I feel like I've been left at a crazy cliffhanger. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Was that the end of the drive? Has it turned over yet?!

    And the altar serving still warms my heart every time, even a couple years into it.

    And thanks for sharing my post, and the others. Loved them.

  7. I LOVED seeing all the tweets from you and all the others not at Edel. Next year, I would love to be able to meet you.


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