Luke Time

Last week I had the older three boys in VBS at our church.  They loved it.  I was really pleased that it was actually a Catholic program and the theme of the week was the Mass.  While they were there and got to do things that I never do at home (puffy paint! plaster! markers!), I got to hang with a sweet boy who was a little bummed he couldn't go with "the brothers" to class.

One morning we stopped at a park and he was so thrilled.  I feel like I've had less and less patience with each succeeding toddler sometimes (and not coincidentally each one keeps getting more and more trying.  I hear you, God.  I know.)  It was really good to get this time with just him, "Mama and Luke time," singing in the car and the store, giving sloppy kisses in the shopping cart, and playing at the park.  Almost always when I feel like I need a break from the kids what I really need is more real time with them, undistracted, focused, and intentional.  Then I fall in love all over and remember how amazing they are and what it's all for.  Lord, please help me to do this more with each one.

"Mama, YOU get in!"

Apparently I'm a little too much for him to push.

"Mama, OUT."

He refuses to go down on his bottom :)

But he will climb a mountain.

"Too big for me"

(Check out that gray hair, huh?  The brown is getting lighter and I'm not sure if that's old dye fading or from the sun.  Either way it looks weird and I'd like the gray to grow in quicker.) 

Back to the car as it started to rain...
My mom is so weird.  Why is she holding the camera like that??


  1. Nothin like one on one dates. I did one with Joey last week. Game-changer, as a side note, you look awesome.

  2. Kid date are like husband dates -- necessary for the fire to keep burning. Kids do get you down after a while, especially all together. You need to get them alone to see what makes them tick. I always used "sick time" to spend more time with each child. Quarantined from the rest of the pack, alone with's so important.

    PS your hair will be gray fast enough. I think it looks great. Treat yourself to a cut so you can get rid of some of the dyed hair quicker.

  3. Nothing boosts my relationship with my girls like one on one time. I'm hoping to take each one away for a night (maybe to the coast) in the next month or two. At least sometime before school starts up again...

    I think you look beautiful - I know the in between stage is hard....I'm in it too, although my natural color isn't as different as my dyed color. Hang in there...

  4. We have to enjoy these times while we can. This was a sweet reminder that I need to spend more one on one time with my own boys, as well park dates...they grow up way too fast, You blink an eye and they've grown! Love the last pic of you and Luke holding hands. And btw, you look great!!

  5. SO sweet <3 And I love that park, my goodness! My little monkey-girl would LOVE to climb that mountain, wish we could find a park like that here :)

  6. Hooray for one-on-one dates (no matter the age)! Love this post. Very wise to realize when you think you need a break what you really need is focus. And I don't care what color your hair is - you look beautiful!


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