A Peek of Presque

The other day we slipped away for a quick overnight to Presque Isle.  We've never been there before but I'm pretty sure we'll be back again.  The beaches there are gorgeous and so so much cleaner than the ones closer to home.  We stayed at a hotel (free!) which is the specialist for little kids (and maybe me, too) and spent several hours both days on the beaches.  We also swam in the hotel pool, ate pizza, and got very very tired.  On Sunday morning we were able to go to Mass at Father Larry's parish which was just a few minutes away.  According to the older boys, they "really really like that priest."
  We were disappointed that there's no camping offered on the peninsula (it would be awesome) but still, I think we'll be back for another day trip someday. 

It is so funny how immediately upon entering sand territory, the instinctual drive to dig commences.

"I'm going to catch a fish."

John Paul finally discovers the thrill of wave jumping.

Fortress building

And now back to our regularly scheduled life.


  1. What a great weekend getaway! Russ and I used to go there but we've never taken the kids. I'll have to remember this :)

  2. Looks wonderful and how nice to enjoy a free hotel, makes a difference on the budget for sure. I loved all the photos!

  3. Great pictures. When Brian was about 11, we took a trip to Niagra Falls. We stopped here for a beach day. I had to check the map to see if it was the same place. As soon as I looked at the map I knew we had been there. We would have liked to camp there too.


  4. Oh, how cool! We're planning a trip from Indiana to Ithaca, NY next year to see family and this would be a great place to stop. And seeing Fr. Larry again (after he did a conference at our church) would be great.

  5. So glad you discovered Presque Isle. I've heard so much about it but never have been there. It looks so nice!! Who needs the ocean when we have Lake Erie?? So fun to do spur of the moment get-aways!!


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