Waterfalls, Spiderwebs, and a Picnic on an Island

Last weekend we took a morning and went to a local county park for a quick hike and picnic.


This is the end of the hike.  I remember stories from high school of kids jumping off those cliffs!  

I'm always in awe of a good spider web.  How that little arachnid can make something so perfectly ordered is just so amazing.


On the way back from the falls we decided to stop on the path and have our lunch.

There was a big rock in the middle of the creek that Michael picked out as the perfect spot to eat.  We all were able to get to it (without falling in!) and David was thrilled to be eating lunch on an "island."

"(Insert certain melancholic child's name here), if you don't smile, you're not getting lunch."
Result:  Semi-decent shot of four children looking semi-happy

We spent a good amount of time trying our hand at geocaching.  There were supposedly two caches in this park.  We didn't find either but we certainly whetted the boys appetites for hidden treasure.  Later that day we attempted to find one that is supposedly right near our house.  No luck there either.  But the idea is so neat I'm really hoping we get to try again soon!

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  1. What park is this? It's beautiful! We've never tried geocaching. It sounds fun, but if we didn't find anything I might be too disappointed to try again. Maybe we could hide stuff for each other... the kids would never know they found a "plant" pre-arranged by Mom and her local mom friends :)

    1. It's Akron Park. I actually think that idea is AWESOME! We could leave clues or a map for them to find a treasure... How fun would that be??

  2. We used to geocache all the time when Paul Coakley lived here. If we had small children with us, we would only do the ones marked easy, with big containers-

  3. What a beautiful place to spend the day!


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