This Month in Boys - June 2014

John Paul

-is super excited to be planning his birthday.  (Ten?!?!)  He has a countdown and a crossing-off pencil sitting next to his bed.
-is dreaming about a backyard campout with his cousins and friends.
-has begun telling me that he's "read every good book in the house."
-would like to try his hand at mowing the lawn.  (You and us, both, buddy.)
-prays for his baseball games.
-is still coveting that bee bee gun.
-when recounting his memories of Luke's birth said, "I came down and it was just like a magic show. There was nothing there and you were in the water and then all of the sudden...there was a baby there!"  
-says playing catch and camping are his favorite things to do with Papa.


-still insists on wearing his First Communion pin to Mass each week.
-has been playing Mass with Luke and David.
-is such an internalizer.  I can never tell exactly what he knows and I'm often surprised by his little revelations of things he soaked in without us realizing.
-Michael:  If you have a girl in your family, can you marry her?
Me:  No, you can't marry a sister or a cousin.
M:  Can you marry a friend?
Me:  Oh honey, if you get married I sure hope you do.
-is reading pretty well but still doesn't pick up a book just for fun.
-loves playing catcher, pitcher, and short stop best.
-is suddenly starting to eat less like a bird and more like a growing seven year old boy.
-says baseball is his favorite thing to do with Papa.


-planted a whole bed of eggplant by himself and according to him, for himself.
-spent the last four days dwelling on spider bites that turned into welts that he cannot not think about.  Especially and coincidentally at bedtime.  And all night long. 
-proposed to me.
D:  Can I marry you, Mama?
Me:  Well, I'm already married to Papa so no.  But thank you!
D:  I wish I could.  Can I marry Grandma?
M:  I think she's already married, too.  To Grandpa.
D:  Oh yeah.  I saw their rings.
-is already blonding from the sun.
-told me that he didn't want to go on a date with me and would rather go with Papa.  "But it's not a date if two boys go.  It has to be a girl and a boy.  The brothers told me.  And I don't know what to call it."  He was quite distressed that although he could do exactly the same thing, and though I told him he could still call it a date, he wasn't having it.
-asked, "Mama, do you know why we have violins inside our body?  So we can talk and play music.
Me:  ?
Michael:  Organs.  He means organs.
-says working in the garden is his favorite thing to do with Papa.


-has been singing Alleluia, Sing to Jesus on repeat and often.  If he's outside he shouts it at the top of his lungs.  That or the Alle, Alle, Alleluia Gospel Acclamation.  All.  The.  Time.
-Me:  What are you going to do outside?
Luke:  Ummm...pwactice.
M:  Oh!  What are you going to practice?
L:  Um...pwactice the fwisbee.
-is still the messiest eater.
-will kiss you all over your face.
-furrows his eyebrows when he's concerned or feels slighted.  It's sad and adorable all at the same time.
-is my first child to think it's hilarious to run away when you're trying to get him to do something.  I don't quite agree.
-brings me flowers all on his own.
-makes sure Papa blesses us with the holy water before he leaves for work every morning.
-says playing baseball is his favorite thing to do with Papa.


  1. Thanks for my favorite topic. Love the pictures and stories. I am so glad you are writing all these little comments and the monthly pictures. It helps me feel like I am there. Tell David that I will be kayaking next week. Love and Hugs to all.


  2. oh my goodness....violins in our bodies. I laughed out loud at that one!

    Looks like you had some fun at the cabin : )

  3. They are all so incredible but I also laughed out loud at the violins in our bodies...David, you are too much. Pat is right-I'm so glad you're writing down all the things they say and do, not only for all of us, but for you. I always thought I'd remember every precious moment, but unfortunately, you don't. Thank you for sharing. It does look like you all had a great time at Dalton!


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