The Things I've Been Doing (that haven't been blogging)

baseball games

painting stools

doula meetings

selling random things on Craigslist

homeschool planning

curriculum buying

watching magic shows

breaking up fights

lamenting this year's pitiful garden

chicken wrangling


spending time with friends




family get togethers

going to Mass


While I'd love to be blogging more it seems that this season I'm just meant to be other places.  I hope you're having a wonderful summer and I'll get the blogging back to acceptable levels soon ;)


  1. Great pictures! I'd love your bubble recipe. We've tried two different ones and have never gotten bubbles like those. Amazing!

    1. Theresa, I used the one here: but I didn't have original Dawn and just used my Trader Joe's stuff and it still seemed to work. I do want to try it with the Dawn though, because we only got one to detach and float. The rest were nice and big but popped right off the wand. We were hoping to get more to break off and float!

  2. Fun pictures! And, sounds like a fun summer! Love the little update :)

  3. Seriously impressive bubbles boys!

  4. Awesome bubbles! I know my girls would love to try this.

    I love the pic of David with his arm around Luke...adorable!


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