Cecropia Utopia - David's Garden Find

"David needs you to come out right away!  He found something you have got to see!"

We figured out that it was a female cecropia moth that had found its way into our jungle garden.
We're pretty sure she was about to die since they only live two weeks and she was moving pretty slowly.  We placed it in the lily of the valley by the garage to see if she wanted to lay eggs or something.  She was still there yesterday but this morning we can't find her.  If we do, you can be sure she'll be brought in to the nature shelf.

Who knows?  Maybe soon our yard will be filled with these lovely babies:

Photo by Michael Hodge

The little girl from twenty some years ago who dreamed of becoming an entomologist is sort of excited :)


  1. Wow, what a find! I hope you find it to save. That would be a real treasure!

  2. oh.my.gosh. You are I are so very different my friend. I would have FLIPPED the FREAK out.

  3. That thing is HUGE! And beautiful. I am slightly freaked out and impressed, all at the same time.

  4. So so cool! My brother used to catch and mount those all the time - I think I still have one somewhere. I would love to find one and watch it.

    Good find, David!


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