A Fruit Tray Idea for the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts

I got a quick shot of the fruit tray I made for a family party today (happy birthday to my sister and John Paul!) and thought I'd share it here for the archives.  Sort of a take on my idea from last year but on a bigger (and less picky) scale.  It makes a great dessert for a crowd.  

Pretty self explanatory, right?
(Strawberries, melted chocolate, orange, watermelon, squashed marshmallows, and mint leaves)
I'm not sure anybody but me was all that impressed but my family is used to my weird ideas.  I think.


  1. I'm impressed! How do you think of this stuff?

  2. Yum--and beautiful! I thought the marshmallows were yogurt covered raisins at first, which I guess would also work. Impressed or not, I'm sure everyone enjoyed eating the fruits of your labor--- and God only knows what seeds may have been planted in their hearts! (-:

  3. Totally impressed! What an awesome and yummy idea! You are a very talented woman! I get many great ideas from your blog! Thank you! =)

  4. I'm TOTALLY impressed! I LOVE this!

  5. We are always impressed by your creativity! Maybe you didn't hear the accolades that day with all of the commotion!! As always awesome!


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