This Month in Boys - May 2014

John Paul

-has been working impressively hard breaking up a concrete sidewalk in the front yard to earn a few dollars a slab. It's been really good for him.  (Plus, a project I've been wanting to get done!)

-loves playing pitcher and catcher the best.

-scored a 99 for his Suzuki junior festival and was invited to the honors recital.  We couldn't go but cool nonetheless.

-just started graphing in math and enjoys it as much as his nerdy mother.

-when we went to a recent fundraiser for Sister Stan's Children asked, "Do you think we could adopt five children?  Do we have enough money for that?"

-has been asking lately for a date with either Papa or Mama.  "It's been a while."

-sometimes watches Luke and says, "I just love Luke.  He's so cute."  He is so so good with his little brothers.

-takes the special crucifix he hunted for and bought in Rome to bed with him every night.

-without hesitation picks being at the Canonization as his favorite part of our trip to Rome.


-received his First Holy Communion at St. Peter's in Rome and experienced first hand how God can answer prayers.

-has been trying to surprise me with jobs done.  I hear scampering in the other room and some hushed whispers and have to show my utter shock that the laundry has been switched or things put away.  It's the sweetest.

-gets the eggs every afternoon.

-has eyes that seem to be turning from that slate blue to green!

-loves sorting and going through the rosaries and various things he bought while we were away.

-smiles the entire time he is playing baseball.

-would have to choose his First Communion on Easter Sunday as his favorite part of Rome...followed by seeing the Sistine Chapel.

-declared, "When I grow up I want to be pope and a farmer."

-a few weeks later amended it a bit.  "When I grow up I'm going to be a priest and a farmer and I'm going to grow food for the poor people.  And I'll give them the Eucharist, too."  ...So the five year old pretty much has the Christianity thing down, I think.

-upon coming home from Rome decided he wanted to give one of our Saint John Paul medals to Ben, whom we have been praying for constantly.  The blue one.  Sadly, I didn't get my act together in time to send it before Ben passed away the other day.*

-was so concerned about the beggars we saw in Rome.

-in an effort to just break my heart to pieces came into the kitchen with this:
 "Mama?  Thank you so much for the things you did for us."
Me (recovering from the shock):  "What do you mean?  What things?"
D:  "All the time."
M:  "Oh!  Um, what made you say that?"
D:  "Me and Michael...we just figured it out."

-told us that he had already given all his money away but that he could bring some of his toys to the fundraiser we attended "and they could send them to the orphans."

-takes his baggie full of religious items from Rome to bed with him every night and sleeps with it under his pillow.

-when asked his favorite part of Rome stated without pause, "St. George's.  Because they have a part of his head there."  Later he'd add the Sistine Chapel and the Canonization.


-started counting to 12 last month.

-still pronounces his K's as T's.  It is absolutely adorable to hear him say, "Otay, Mama."

-is learning colors.  He's pretty confident on yellow, white, and green.  The others he just kinda guesses.

-preeeeetty sure I heard him singing Raging Fire by Philip Phillips the other morning.

-does NOT know how to whisper.  Let's just say Mass has gotten muy dificil.

-does and says and copies anything and everything that "Day-Day" (David) does...for better or worse ;)

-would most likely choose gelato as his favorite part of Rome.  That or saying "Ciao!" to all the sweet Italian ladies.

*Please, please pray for their family.  It's hitting all of Western New York hard.  What an amazing soul and family to have captured the hearts of thousands of people.  And sweet Ben, rest in peace...but I have a feeling the Lord isn't done with you just yet.

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  1. Your comment about Luke's pronunciation reminds me of my niece, who can't pronounce diphthongs. For example, she says the word "spoon" like "poon."

    During Easter, I heard her calling from under a picnic table (where she'd been hunting for Easter eggs), "Help me! Help me! I'm 'tuck!" I'm 'TUCK!"

  2. So sorry to hear Ben passed away....the post his mom wrote is beautiful.

    Your boys are precious. Wish I could spend and afternoon with them.

  3. Your boys are so adorable Mary!


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