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How much random can we fit into one post?  That is the question.
Life has been busy here lately.  So many good things keeping us going.  This time of year seems to be that way in our family.  Several birthdays, sacraments, baseball, garden work, outside stuff, get togethers, lessons, doulaing, and so much more.  All good things but my mind is a bit full so permit me a session of rambling, if you will?

Brian caught this shot outside our back door a few nights ago.  Despite my propensity to sulk about the the recent weather being oh so rainy and disappointing to my cravings for warmth I can still appreciate this.  Mostly because you can't see the swamp that is trying to pass for our yard.

We had an impromptu brunch with some family mostly just because but also because there was a Mass being prayed for Brian's dad that we wanted to get to and it worked out to see people after.  I also used it as an excuse to make a cake in recognition of Michael's First Communion.  Not that he hadn't already totally had his day but I'm pretty sure there is a First Communion obligation to capture the following shot:

Right?  Communicant and cake.  I think it's mandatory.  The cake was sorely lacking in the aesthetics department hence the lack of closeups.

But that face :)

We got Brian a bike for his birthday.  Despite his expression he was very happy.  Neither of us have a bike and it's something he's been wanting to do more.  Do you know bikes are crazy expensive?  They are.  I looked for used to no avail and finally found this one with great reviews and a super price.  I'm sure it was quite a sight to see me heaving that thing in the rain into the back of the van whilst all four kidlets were "helping."

You guys.  He asks for the brownies, I promise.  They look slightly fancier in a round dish, no?

My mom was super thoughtful and DVR'd Easter Mass at the Vatican hoping to catch a glimpse of us that morning we were there.  We watched it the other day and it was surreal realizing that we were really actually there.  They didn't get to see us while they watched that actual day BUT when we saw it the other day knowing where we were, we slow mo'd it during the Papa's popemobile rounds aaaaaannnnddd....

We were there!!!!  See???  I mean, it's not a Tierney shot, I admit, but how many people have a shot of the pope blessing them, let alone on their First Communion day???  We haven't yet figured out how to get the entire Mass onto DVD from the DVR for us to keep.

And on his way back through we got another cameo.  You would've thought from our shrieks and jumping up and down that we had just been featured walking the red carpet rather than the smallest of pixelated split second shots.  But still, cool, right?

We (ahem, finally) gave Michael his gift from us.

realizing what it is...

We've given our boys a real chalice for their First Communion with the intention that if God calls them to the priesthood they will be able to really use it during the Holy Mass (and how cool would that be???).  If not, we've told them they can gift it to the priest who celebrates their wedding and use it at their wedding Mass.  I wish I could claim credit for this amazing idea but it was my friend Cherie who also has four boys that inspired us.  We bought Michael's in Rome and it was blessed by Pope Francis ON his First Communion Day.

Moving along... the older three boys started art lessons with a real art teacher who comes to our house every other week.  Let that sink in...she comes to your house.  During the toddler's nap time.  Teaches all three older boys.  For one price.   Win times a million.

Their first lesson they drew some apples and pears and such.  A few days after their first lesson David scrambled away after breakfast to draw something.  I came into the room to find that he had taken the bag of baby carrots to use as his next work.  Whatever inspires you...

Next time I looked...

How much cute can you fit into one picture?

That moment when the boys are playing baseball and you hear the shatter of glass outside.  Boyhood rite of passage accomplished.

I've barely been knitting the last few months but just finally finished up yet another simple newborn hat for a doula client's baby who we should be meeting in the next few weeks.   Doula work has increased a lot over the last few months which is awesome.  I'm at the point now where I'm having to turn people away which is all sorts of hard.  How do you tell someone that sorry, you can't help them with one of the most incredible, difficult, and miraculous moments of their lives?  I know, I know...they get it.  But it's still hard.  Lately I've been wishing I could do all the things all the time.  So many good things.  

I'm almost finished with The Little Oratory and it really is a treasure of a book.  I've found it extremely confirming and beautiful and challenging and practical and transformative.  If you have a family you should get this book.  It's not a book to speed through but one where the words and ideas and tips can and should take some time to steep and then find new life and meaning in your own home.  I think that the reviews are right.  If this book is read and taken to heart, it has the capacity to change not only your family but the culture.  I will surely have more to say about it in the future, never you fear.

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  1. Oh my gosh!! The pictures of you guys *with* /pope Francis!!!! I can't even stand how awesome it is that your mom got it on DVR!!

  2. who is this magical art teacher? i'am kinda failing at art right now.

  3. oh wow! pictures are amazing!

    I LOVE the gift of the chalice. Um yes, need to write that down for my first little guy (6 weeks old) for his future First Holy Communion:)

    Just started the book. So good...want to highlight all dem words. Relishing it.

    God Bless!

  4. LOVE the chalice idea!! Wish I would have heard of it before. That is such a great idea. Although, aren't chalices very expensive?

    I want to read the Little Oratory. It looks so good and I have heard so many good things about it.

    1. They are. We got the best we could find for the least amount of money...around $100. But you could spend thousands on a beautiful chalice! Actually, I think John Paul's we would need to get gold-plated if it were to be used since it's only pewter and Michael's might not be completely licit (?) since it's actually breakable (pottery gilded in gold...we didn't realize that til after we bought it!). I figure we'll cross that bridge if they do end up having a vocation but the sentiment is there and I feel like it's worth the cost to plant the seed of discernment in their hearts.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love that you got to see the Pope, and had his blessing on such a special day! Also, chalice idea: Love. It. I think we'll start saving our beans now for any future son(s) God may bless us with.

  6. So cool can easily see the boys faces once arrowed in. what a beautiful idea re chalices!!

  7. What a great post. And the chalice. Oh, Mary. That is precious. What a wonderful gift all the way around.

    That broken window is a great teachable moment about temporal punishment. Grab it (if you didn't already).

  8. Totally get the excitement of the DVRed mass! My hubby was at a Vatican conference and bought official Vatican photos of the Holy Father because you could see my hubs in the background. It's framed and hanging in his office. :-D

  9. Love the chalice idea! Such a beautiful gift! Already talked to my hubby about it :D Beautiful moments captured!

  10. Beautiful! I really like the chalice idea. I will need to ponder this idea a bit more for our DS1 ( over thinker here ) but I am definitely attracted to it. So fun to get that picture of you being blessed. I would totally be jumping around too! :)


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