Five Things That Make the Internet Good

Hey there!  Happy Wednesday!
Just wanted to share a few wonderful things from the online world with my lovely readers...

I would love it every single person watched this video.  If you ignore the rest of this post, I hope you'll do this and I hope you'll watch it with an open mind.  It's long but it's worth it.  Watch it the whole way through and please pray for our homosexual brothers and sisters.  And then, if you feel so moved, please share it any way you can.  This message of hope and real love needs to spread like wildfire.
(Kudos to Mary for introducing me to it!)

I am quite excited that David Clayton and Leila Lawler's (a.k.a. Auntie Leila's) new book The Little Oratory is finally out!  I haven't read it yet but seeing that Scott Hahn has said "If one book has the potential to transform the Catholic family (and society), this is it,", I'm pretty sure it's going to be good.  (I'm just going to assume he means besides The Catechism and The Holy Scriptures, right Dr. Hahn? ;)  Granted we're not "beginners" in the praying as a family department like the subtitle suggests but I have no doubt that the book will nevertheless be filled with wisdom and riches that will benefit our  family culture deeply.

I'm especially excited to see the icons included that are meant to be removed and used in your home that are quality-approved by Leila and you know that means something.

And this counts as something internetty because without the wonders of the internet, I doubt this book would exist and the lives that I know will be bettered and changed by it would then not be.  Right?

Pssst...there's still time for it to arrive before Mother's Day!
(Um, honey?  You don't have to worry about a gift for me now...)

Did you know that the USCCB posts a calendar of the daily readings?  It is, I believe, a part of the Catholic internet that is possibly overlooked but really is one of its greatest treasures for those people trying to deepen their prayer life.  With the click of the date, the site reveals the Mass readings for the day all laid out and easy to read.  If you can't get to daily Mass, I can guarantee that if you spend some time with His Word in this way every day, your life will change very much for the better.  How's that sound?

Next wonderful internet thing:  Have you heard Sarah's first Read Aloud Revival podcast??  You must.  It was so encouraging and entertaining and the near hour of conversation with Andrew Pudewa flew by.  I needed to hear that message.  And I'll need to hear it again and again, I'm sure.  I cannot wait for her next one!

And last and least...Otherwise known as the song that currently makes both my husband and me look like fools at the stoplight (but you have to crank for best results):

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I used to look at the daily readings often on the USCCB website, but haven't recently. I really enjoyed looking at them online and need to get back to that. Thank you for the reminder.

    That books sounds really good, I'll have to look into it.

    My husband and I watched the video The Third Way the other night and really liked it! Gave so much hope.

  2. I am loving a little oratory. The icons are beautiful and I was so impressed with the quality in general. It is definitely going to improve our domestic church!

  3. I appreciate so much about that video. I listened to a 45 minute interview with a Protestant yesterday, that had the same message of hope in Christ - and identity in Christ over identity in sexuality. This is an issue I've been struggling to understand for many years, so I'm grateful for wisdom and insight from Christians.

    I loved the first read-aloud podcast!! I am looking forward to more.

  4. I use the USCCB website all the time when planning my catechism lessons - it's such a helpful resource!

    Also, thank you for sharing what Scott Hahn said about The Little Oratory because it's been sitting on my Amazon wishlist since it was available for wishlisting but now I know I'm going to buy it.

  5. Anxious to check out "The LIttle Oratory" Thanks!~

  6. What great links! I'm so excited to take a look at The Little Oratory. And I was just making a fool of myself to some Phillip Phillips yesterday!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Love should ALWAYS point to God - not ourselves. We are children of God, which by definition points beyond ourselves - it points outward, not inward. One's sexuality should never be the sum definition of a person. Being called to heroic virtue and holiness is NOT an easy path and we each have our crosses that we bear - and some are VERY heavy indeed! But, if we're called to "put on Christ" as St. Paul said, then we MUST die to self and live for Christ and God and that means putting away our own desires (that ARE disordered by the Fall) and follow Him, as hard as that is - God KNOWS...

    Good video explaining the cross of SSA. I think it's important to remember that we are children of GOD and that our NATURAL STATE WAS PRIOR TO THE FALL (St. Thomas talks about this and it's mentioned in JPII's Theology of the Body). We are MORE than our post Fall situation and called to more than we presently are, so let us embrace Christ in this way and imitate Him...! :) This is why He gave us all those wonderful sacraments - it's our medicine to keep us strong and "on track", so to speak.

    Thanks for passing along the video. I'm sure it will help so many people with its distribution - glad they made it!

  8. Thanks for the nice link to the book! You are so kind! I hope you like it and I hope you will leave a review on Amazon -- I'm begging you on my knees ;) It would help so much.

    1. Most definitely! It just came yesterday and I can't wait to dive in!


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