Holy Thursday in Rome (We're Here!)

We're here!
It's been a crazy exhausting and awesome couple of days.  Our Wifi actually is okay but super slow to upload pics and these crazy Europeans and their wacko electrical systems are making computer charging a little weird so it's been hard to post anything.  But I shall soldier on in order to fill your feed with sites from our adventures.  And I can't edit any of the pics so you miss out on my super scary copyright.  Just promise you won't sell them to some Chinese company looking to turn my family trip photos into an advertisement and we should be good.

Fun times at the Toronto airport...

We survived the flight!  No major issues except two older boys who barely slept an hour or two. 

We got to the apartment before the doorman was around so we had to hang out in the lobby for an hour and I forced the kids to sit and play war rather than run around like hooligans in front of people's homes and make everyone hate the Americans before we had even gotten our bags in.

Then we got in, changed, blah, blah, blah...


Waiting in line for our tickets

Brian got to go up to the Bronze Doors to get them.

We decided to do the quickest of walk-throughs of the basilica since we were already there...

The incorrupt body of Blessed John XXIII
All of the intentions you've given me have been and continue to be in my prayers.

You know, just hanging out at St. Peter's...

Where Blessed John Paul II was shot.  

And pigeons are fun.

We slept poorly and then got up early for the Papal Chrism Mass.

Michael while we were waiting in line for the Mass.  Check out that gorgeous sky!

So. Many. Priests.  500?  More?  It was crazy and awesome.

Papa giving his homily.  I couldn't understand a word and need to look up what he actually said.

The chant was amazing.

The closing procession.  That's one of three huge urns holding the sacred oils.

Sister Nancy is holding Luke, this random Italian nun who was just the sweetest and wanted the "bambini" to be able to see the pope!

Ummm...so we're pretty close, right?

Yep!  That's him!  A blurry but real Pope Francis.

He wasn't in the blessing mood I guess and was all about getting back.  But still!  So cool.

And Swiss guards are pretty sweet.

The boys outside of St. Peter's...very happy to be done with Mass, I think :)  They were super good (well, Luke not so much) but it was very very long.

And one with Luke looking...

We went back for a rest and nap at our place and then headed out that evening to make the Mass of the Lord's Supper at the English College, recommended by Mary a friend of Rebekah's who works in Rome.  (Thank you, Rebekah!)

The walk over and a view of Castel Sant'Angelo

Crossing the Tiber

She was right.  The Mass there was beautiful and intimate.  The College is a seminary and the Mass was presided over by a bishop (not sure who!).  The singing was amazing.

Where Mass was held and then we processed to a different chapel for the reposition.  

We were in and out with Luke who was going into distract-all-the-people mode.  We didn't get to see Mary, unfortunately, but were so grateful for her help in finding this place.

On the way back we stepped into three more churches as part of the Holy Thursday night tradition.  I don't even know what they were but each one was beautiful and so prayerful.  There were people all over walking to different churches to pray.

I waited outside this one while Brian went in since the kids needed a break.

Then we walked back late at night and were treated to this little view:
We're really really here.

Hope you're having a very very blessed Holy Thursday.
I'm praying for all of your intentions and thank you so much for your prayers for us!


    I can't believe you are posting from Rome. I am so excited to read all of your adventures. Seriously. Also, can you add my sister Annie to your intentions? For her conversion. Thanks sista! Love ya

  2. you were so close!!!!!! thanks for praying for all of us and for sharing your pics! you're in my prayers. (no caps b/c i'm holding james :)

  3. So excited to see these!! Awesome, awesome, awesome...your blog has definitely put "visit Rome" on my bucket list. Thank you so much for posting and for taking our prayer intentions with you. So glad you had a good flight with the boys.

  4. How exciting! Your little guys look SO handsome in their dress clothes…makes me want to re-think what I'm packing. We'll be there next week, how long are you guys staying? Blessings on a beautiful Italian Easter Sunday!

  5. I'm so thrilled you posted these pictures so quickly! I've been thinking about you all day, wondering what you're experiencing & seeing. Obviously your first full day there got off to a bang-attending the Chrism Mass with Pope Francis and being so close! It's awesome to see you THERE! Amazing! Do you feel like it's a dream? Praying you get a good night sleep tonight. God bless you all and thank you for sharing with us. Love you!

  6. LOL on Sister Nancy wanting to hold Luke in hopes that Papa would come over! I guess the bambini doesn't ALWAYS do the trick... Hopefully none of the boys had to go to the toilet during that LONG MASS - how would you even navigate with all those people??? What glorious weather you're having, too! Rome would be so much fun - I could practice my Italian! Remember one thing while there - the Italians can smell a tourist a mile away and will try and milk you for all you've got $$$$$$$ wise, so, when shopping - especially at the tourist shops or outdoor markets, there are always TWO prices - one for the tourists and one for the locals - it is customary to bargain with them, so keep that in mind and ask if they'll take a lower price - see how they'll work with you for a "better" deal. Hopefully you will get some good deals! Thank you for all your pictures! Will enjoy seeing them all!

  7. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing :) Places I have seen in documentaries and in books but now my family is added to the scenes. SO COOL!!! Pat D was so moved to know she is on the intention list. Would you please add Lori Michau's week old twin boys. Born at 33 weeks and have medical issues, including some intestinal concerns. Joseph and Patrick

    Love and hugs to all

  8. Thank you so much for posting! Everything looks amazing! Praying for all of you.

  9. I cant believe how close you were during the Chrism Mass! That had to be awesome. ... I didn't realize you guys were going this week and I didnt get to ask for prayers yet. Will you please pray for the intentions of our family? Thanks! I hope the rest of the trip is wonderful and very blessed.

  10. Thank you so much for taking your blog along on your trip!!!

  11. These are amazing, so so joyful! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

  12. Thank you for remembering our intentions. Such a gift! And everything looks so awesome, so awesomely holy!

  13. Thank you for posting these AMAZING pictures! Brought me back to memory lane when my husband and I went 9 years ago! How awesomely close you all were during the Chrism Mass! That is SO cool! I'm happy to hear that your plane travels went well, I pray the rest of your travels go great! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for all of us readers as well! You are too sweet! =) Have a blessed and Holy Easter!

  14. Thank you so much for all these pictures! I loved seeing these. Also thank you again for remembering our intentions. Praying for the rest of your trip!


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