April Thoughts {A Daybook}

Outside my window...
Dark and windy and snowing.  It's just started getting above freezing this past week or two.  But it sure doesn't feel like spring yet.

Thankful for...
Health.  We had a quick but nasty stomach bug run through our house this week and nothing makes you appreciate health like being sick.  Ugh.  This one was a doozy.  

And for all your suggestions from the post last week.  I now have new shampoo, "new" shoes coming, and will be calling CAP for some Latin advice.  Thank you!  I am going to have to restrain myself from doing a post like that every week, I think.  But really it sounds nice to have you make all the decisions for me on all the things, don't you think?

And mostly for God answering some very big prayers in a happy and awesome way.

Thinking about...
Our trip coming up.  It consumes a lot of my thoughts.  For me (for any mom?) a big trip like this takes so much preparation and I'm in packing mode for like a month beforehand.  I'm also thinking about the actual canonization.  Do you know how many people they are predicting will be there?  Do you?  Five million.  I just...  I don't even...  WHAT WERE WE THINKING????  God, help us.


Also thinking a lot about the Scriptures both in particular and in general.  One of my Lenten practices has been replacing all music and radio and only listening to The New Testament or edifying podcasts and reading more from the Old Testament.  It's been really good. (And really hard...the two often go together, don't they?)  Anyway, so many of the words seem to take on a new meaning when I'm hearing them rather than reading them.  And some of them are really confusing and sound like riddles, especially many of Jesus' own words.  It's humbling to realize that though I've heard and read the Scriptures my whole life that really I've only dipped my toe into the mystery.  I'm so grateful for the Church because without that guardian of doctrine and the Word, I think I'd be paralyzed by how huge they are and even by how incomprehensible they sometimes seem to be.

How to teach from a state of rest from Sarah's beautiful series.  If you haven't read this, you are missing out.  Her words speak life and grace and freedom and I am so grateful for them on this homeschooling journey.

And what a classical education really is.  Every time I seem to think I have it figured out, I learn that that's not quite right.  Maybe by the time the boys are in college I'll have a better idea of what I'm supposed to be doing ;)

From the kitchen...
Do you know how great God is?  We still have eight large jars of pears from last years huge harvest and canning craze.  We have been using several jars a week for lunch all winter long and still have some left.  It was a lot of work but it was so worth it to keep organic fruit on the plates for over five months.  And the money saved!  We are, however, finally out of the frozen blueberries and strawberries so the smoothies have been gone for a few weeks (which is interesting because this bug was the first we've had all year...I guess one more batch of elderberry syrup would be a wise thing).

Also from the kitchen lots of simple Lent-y meals.  Because Lent.  But also because we're really viewing this upcoming trip as a pilgrimage and are trying to prepare accordingly.  Amping up the spiritual preparations to go along with all the practical ones seems like a really really good idea.  For us this means lots of soups, a lot less meat, and maybe a lot more of children choosing to leave the table without a full belly...

Our laundry room is done!  Post to come soon, I think.  The transformation is huge and I really really like it. And garden plans.  Our garden right now is a royal mess.  The fence is falling down and needs to be replaced.  Some of the boxes are falling apart.  And it's currently filled with mud.  It looks awful and it's overwhelming to think about but hopefully with a few good days of work and a whole lot of sunshine and warmth it'll be usable again.

To have a really great weekend.  Right?

Around the house...
I so want to do a huge Lent cleaning and I've done a bit here and there but I don't think I'll be able to do a whole lot this year.  The rooms I have started end up leaving me frustrated in my perfectionistic tendencies.  I think maybe just getting the windows (oh, the windows...) and fans and a few floors cleaned might have to be enough.  Want to hear something very fun, though?  For St. Valentine's Day Brian bought me a voucher for house cleaning.  I think it's safe to say the man has started to learn my love language.  I have never ever had my house cleaned by someone else and I don't even know how you do it but the idea makes me so giddy that I feel like I need to save it for the perfect moment.  Except that there's an expiration so I have to use it!  Have any of you had your house cleaned?  What am I supposed to do while it's happening?  I picture it being a bit awkward.  Can I ask them to do fans and floors and all the things?  Do they do squirrels?


 I don't think I need to list all these again.  Nothing's changed in the past few days :)

For Janelle, Nicole, Brittney, and a few clients as they prepare to meet their little ones.  Anyone else want me to add them in?

For Michael as he prepares for his First Holy Communion!

For abused children and those who don't know love.

For suffering babies.

For marriages.

For so so many people living in poverty and in danger.  We are so privileged here.

Worth a click... 

A Brilliant and Innovative Solution for Women Who Want Birth Control  (I know people have strong feelings on Mr. Walsh but the few things I've read from him I've loved...even if they have a bit of the sass going on.)

Let the Battle for Purity Begin  (Thank you, Bishop Loverde!)

This was hilarious and so dang true.  

And if you haven't seen Kelly's New Web Design Services (and the redesign she did for yours truly!!), you must.

The Mode in Which We Go to Mass (Another stellar piece from Marc)

One extra thing...
It just came to my attention that Facebook will not show you my posts unless you interact with the page in some way...either a "like" or a comment on a post or something.  Apparently blog pages are considered a business and unless they're promoted (i.e. I pay them money.  (Hahahaha!  Good one, FB!)) or interacted with, they don't pop up in your reader.  Soooo if you'd like to see my posts show up in your reader or read my sporadic updates click on over and just like something or say hi and then you should start seeing them.  Make sense?

A picture thought to share...

I haven't read Charles Dickens by Chesterton but I really like this quote from it.  I like feeling validated :)

(Also, does anyone else have an issue with Blogger darkening any image they upload?  I can have a beautiful picture or image and then I upload it and it's much darker than the original.  Any help?)

(Linking up with Sarah for Weekends With Chesterton!)


  1. I'm glad the stomach bug is over! How nice to get so much helpful advice, I do love the blogging world when we support and help one another! I have not got a chance to read that post, but will hop over soon.
    Thank you for all the links, look good - I also have loved Sarah's series!

  2. So- your Roman adventure is going to be the best thing ever. And probably totally tragic at times, but the stories you are giving your children?!?! I.can't.even! I emailed my friends in Rome and will let you know what they say.

    After I had the third c-section, Aaron got me a 'house cleaning'. I loved it! I actually considered doing it on the regular (because I was crazy and post-major operation and honestly couldn't imagine ever having the strength to clean again)...although that isn't necessary, I think it's something I will treat myself to every now and again (maybe once a year around Christmas)? Anyway, I left the house. It's too weird to be in my home while someone else is cleaning it. Our house is WAY smaller than yours, but they were only able to do a couple rooms. I think you can ask them to do anything you want them to do, but some things cost extra!
    I'm praying for your big trip. I am so jealous (the good kind) and excited for you! I honestly can't wait to read all about it and live vicariously through your trip ;)

  3. Maybe the cleaning could be done while you away...someone could let them in and maybe just sit and read while they clean?

    My biggest advice to you about the trip is to schedule NOTHING the 2 days before you leave and the entire week you return. We've had a restful week since returning, and we needed it. No school, no appointments...nothing but rest and groceries. I keep warning the girls their break is about to end : )

    Sorry to hear you had a nasty bug in your house...no fun.

  4. The biggest thing about having your home cleaned by someone else is to have it de cluttered. They can go so much faster if everything is out away and they are not constantly moving things around. Enjoy it!

  5. I love that quote and it has resonated with me for a long time. Mr. Chesterton is such a friend to us women -- probably these days there are both many more women who appreciate him, and many more who would not, if they knew of him, than when he was alive.


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