A Sliver From Sunday Mass

Just something that stuck with me from the Mass today:

Never ever ever believe that your sins are greater than His mercy.  Ever.

All the readings today were just so powerful, right?

Hope you had a beautiful day!


  1. Dear Mary, Stumbled across your site by accident looking at kitchen remodels. I can't begin to say what a beautiful blessing your words are to a catholic revert. I had a conversion in 1997 while reading a book about Medjegorie and our Lady's appearances there. I'm a mother of 2 and Grandmother of 5. Thank you for all the pictures and writing journal. You will forever be touched by your trip to Rome. May God hold you and your beautiful family in the palm of his hand. God Bless you, from another Mary jeffbmillar@gmail.com

    1. Thank you so much, Mari. I'm so glad you're here and it means so much to hear you say that. God bless you!


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