A Saturday of Lots of People, Lots of Churches

The Square was already getting ready early this morning and by the afternoon there were people everywhere.

The media towers

There are emergency stations set up everywhere.  It seems like Rome is really prepared.  They're even handing out free bottles of water to everyone.

We're thinking of setting up shop here.  I think it might be the closest we can safely get and with binoculars we would be able to see the altar :)

There are vigils all over the city tonight.  Confessions are available in a whole bunch of churches which I think is just so cool.  Seeing signs pointing the way to Confession on street corners pretty much rocks.

We decided to spend this morning visiting some more of the churches we wanted to see.  We stopped first at The Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone (Saint Agnes in Agony).

Her skull is kept in a separate chapel.

Our next stop:  Santa Maria ad Martyres a.k.a. The Pantheon

I think it's so awesome that the only reason this original Roman Empire building remains is because the Catholics turned it into a church and have preserved it.  And again I love the cross on top of the obelisk.  Jesus wins :)

The dome.  That hole is 30 feet wide and open.  It reminded me of a monstrance!

Raphael's (yes, the painter's!) tomb.

Then onto The Church of Sant'Ignazio, where St. Ignatius is not buried but St. Robert is.

The body of St. Robert Bellarmine.  I wrote a paper on him in college and he was pretty great.

This crucifix was surrounded by relics!  It was pretty profound and shocking to look at.

The ceiling is just a little pretty.

Requisite shot of Trevi Fountain as we passed:
It was packed with tourists.  That girl in the corner was a bride, though, and she was beautiful.

Next stop, The Church of Santi Apostoli where both THE St. Philip and St. James the Lesser are buried.

That boy.  He just keeps going up to different altars, kneeling, and saying a prayer.  It's so great.

You go down below to their crypts.

Pretty amazing.  These were the men who walked with Jesus and started this whole Christianity thing.

 And then onto a church that Brian really wanted to pray in, Il Gesu.  Name of which I think is funny because every church is the church of Jesus, right?  And just to confuse things, this is where St. Ignatius is buried, not in the church bearing his name.

His tomb

The relics of St. Francis Xavier are also here.

I got to snap a few shots before we were kicked out because it was closing.

And then the long walk back where this actually really happened:

We still don't really have a concrete plan for this evening and tomorrow.  Right now it is almost 6:00 p.m. and there are already pilgrims setting up in St. Peter's to sleep.  There are millions of people outside.  We may head out in a little bit to one of the vigils and then see what happens from there.   Please pray for us!


  1. Mary Beth and I were on the phone when the post came up. We had just been talking about the your safety and your finding the right spot. I felt very good about the bridge location at first glance. Then I saw Michael's feet and at first it looked like he was hanging down over the bridge. I was very glad to see the next picture that shows how wide the ledge is. Both of us felt very good about this location and are praying that all goes well tomorrow. I will be watching the events on TV. Put notes in the boys pockets that give the address you of your apartment, just in case you got separated. Praying very hard that that will not happen. May the angels stay close to all of you and protect you from harm. Love and hugs to all.


  2. All your pictures are amazing! I bet you guys are really excited for tomorrow! Will be praying.

  3. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS ARE THERE! IT IS SURREAL READING THIS AND SEEING THE PICS! Praying for you guys....and perhaps the idea by grandma of notes in the pockets isn't a bad idea....scary to think about though. Just tie them all to each other and then to the stroller or to Brian :). Because you know when you walk through a crowd if you are holding on to the person in front of you, forming a "line" you somehow become more important :)

  4. Mary, this is SO exciting!! You guys are blessed to be there. I am really enjoying all the photos you've been taking..just so beautiful:) Thanks for sharing and keeping us up to speed!

  5. Will be thinking and praying for you guys tomorrow! Can't wait to hear more!!

  6. We've been praying for you all along. You're there for a reason. Our Lord and John Paul II know you and will honor the desires of your hearts. He is Good and Loving and will protect you. I have confidence that His plan for you will be amazing. You are so privileged to be there. God bless you. We love you.

  7. Wow! I can only imagine the anticipation of what is to come tomorrow!! How exciting!! Praying for all of you! God's plan will be revealed and He will put you right where He wants you to be! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it! God bless!

  8. Oh my goodness!! What gorgeous places you have visited! It's like you're living in an episode of Fr. Baron's "Catholicism" :) Can't wait to hear more about the canonization!

  9. Praying all goes well! Loving all of your posts - so happy that u r doing so much!!


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