This Month in Boys - March 2014

John Paul

-while talking to Michael about how Jesus can speak to you in Adoration explained, "you don't hear him in your ears.  It's sort of like he 'thinks' to you."

-has been very into the Hardy Boys lately.  I'm trying to subtly make sure some higher quality stuff gets in the rotation, too.

-after a late night a few weeks ago admitted that he was tired for the first time in his life.

-has nineteen dollars saved for the longed-for bee bee gun we have yet to approve.

-was so supportive and helpful right after Grumpy died.  He was so attentive to Brian's sadness.  It was amazing to see him process it all especially on the trip for the funeral.

-would like to claim part of the new laundry counter as his science laboratory.

-if he could choose any animal to be would opt for a fox "because they're tricky and smart."


-turned seven!

-declared that if he gets married, "l'll probably marry (our friend's daughter) Abby because we're almost the same age."  This is the first time any of the boys has said anything like that :)

-is reading better and better every day.

-has been having a ton of fun with his new rollerblades and wearing his "protection" to help him when he falls.

-loves making sure the brothers all match when they get dressed in the morning.

-told us he had a dream that Mary was in his room standing by the window with another person, both wearing white.  It was a younger boy he didn't recognize and "I couldn't tell if it was really a dream."

-will be making his First Reconciliation next week!

-answered right away that he would be a "really fast horse - one that can break through metal bars."


-said all matter of fact like, "I'm looking to do good deeds.  I'm just walking around looking for good deeds." (Ash Wednesday)

-is so very attached to his papa.

-was overheard dialoguing with the bananas on the table before breakfast giving them the fateful news:
"you are going to die.  Because your head will be cracked off and you will be eaten."

-definitely thrives with physical affection.

-gushed, "I just love John Deere tractors.  They're like my favorite vehicle."

-is a bit of a fretter lately and loves enforcing the rules.

-is still our little spitfire and can go from sweet as sugar to spicy as pepper in a second flat.

-would like to be a "bear that is able to turn into a lion."


-is debating between "me too" and "no, ME!" for favorite phrase.

-says "halp" for help which makes it sound like he's got the sweetest southern drawl.

-is doing this potty training thing slowly but surely.

-loves to tell people he's "two!" while holding up his three fingers and making the 'okay' sign.

-still crawls on the table almost every single day.

-loves to sing.  And I love hearing him.

-has been very excited to help with laundry lately.

-first decided he wants to be "dice!"  (Commence game where I pretend to shake him up like dice and roll him across the couch to the sound of much giggling.)  He then decided he would like to be an "op-o-pus" (octopus).


  1. David and the bananas! Love it! Ohmygoodness!!!

  2. Oh i was laughing so hard with David's banana conversation- too funny!

  3. I love hearing all the current details in their lives. This will always be my favorite post topic.

    Grandma in Chicago

  4. Ditto on being tickled by David dialoging with bananas-so nice of him to give them a warning! I'm intrigued by Michael's dream-pretty cool. What beautiful, amazing boys, each one so unique! Love this post


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