Summer! Or Something Like That.


John Paul can be the sweetest big brother.  He's far more patient than I am and spent an hour or two helping Michael begin to use his new rollerblades.

Also, blue sky!  Non-brain freezing temperatures!  This was the other day and it got all the way up to 45 so basically it was summer.


Felt so good to get outside


Trying it on his own.  That face and those skinny little stick legs kill me.
After trying on the suit for his First Communion, he decided that he'll be eating two sandwiches at lunch from now on so that he can fill it out by next month.  We'll see about that.


We also found out the unfortunate news that this Holy Father does not give Communion out at Masses to anyone, even for a First Communion.  Sad.  Not sure of his reasons but it looks like "just" having his First Holy Communion be in Rome will have to be enough ;)

Also, after that few hours of respite from above, we're back to this today:

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday and don't forget to pray your novena!  I'm up to eight pages of names and I'm just blown away by the response.  I'm praying for every single person on there.  It's not too late to join in!  Well, sort of late, but you can still join...I have a feeling God would still love it :) 

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  1. More snow?!?! Really? I really don't miss living where is snows a lot.

  2. Bummer about the first communion Mary. We heard the same thing when we were there, but I hoped maybe things had changed a year later. But you're right it will still be amazing. And you should still pray for a miracle because you never know!

  3. I love John Paul's patience. I could learn a lot from him :)

    How special, Michael will make his first communion in Rome!! Please take lots of pictures.

  4. Disappointing that Michael can't receive his First Communion from the Holy Father but so awesome his prayers were answered that he'll make it in Rome! Wish we could be there to share it with you.
    Did I ask you to please put Tom on the list?

  5. Wow! To receive First Communion in Rome! How exciting. Thanks so much for praying for my husband. I can't believe how wonderful this novena has already been for us.


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