Being Forgiven (It's Sort of Like Pizza)

In his specially ordered gold tie.  The ones at Sears and Macy's and Penney's and Bon-Ton were not quite right.  It was meant to be the special tie for his First Communion but we let him wear it for this special occasion as well.  

Our normal pastor was unexpectedly out of town for a funeral so Father Bill came and he was wonderful.  It is such a weird feeling of letting go when you see them walk away at their turn.  One I can't quite place into words.  I cried.  Which is not really a surprise.

"Papa, can you match with me?"

"I want to get a picture with him!"

The List


Michael decided on a pizza dinner to celebrate.  "The dough is like our souls.  And then the sauce is like Jesus' blood.  And the cheese is our soul all clean again!"  Well...yes.

And just a little something...

We've given both the older boys a special crucifix for their First Reconciliation, one that we hope they will have through their lives to remind them of His mercy always always available to them.

(Do you have any special things you do for First Reconciliation?  I love the tradition that some people have of letting their daughters get their ears pierced on that day to commemorate the day.  The symbolism is so beautiful.  I racked my brain trying to think of something comparable for boys but couldn't come up with anything.  I'm pretty sure Brian would say no to a piercing ;)  


  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate his First Reconciliation. We haven't decided what to do with our daughter (she already has her ears pierced). Perhaps we'll go out for dinner. Many blessings...

  2. haha. see...he is picking up the deep liturgical meaning to his food...just like mom! so cute :)

  3. beautiful. liturgical food- awesome.

  4. Aw, great pictures, Mary. Thanks for sharing., I just LOVE the blogging community and this is one huge reason......... I feel like we keep each other inspired and uplifted with the ways we celebrate the big and little things in our domestic churches...My oldest son is rec confirmation in a few mos ( he is choosing the name "Karol" yay!) and we ordered him a gorgeous red tie already which he's dying to wear that day.Love the gold one!
    You asked about reconciliation rituals...our parish offers penance for the 1st communicants around Christmas...a few mos before they receive. We were lucky enough to find red and green rosary beads at our local rel good store for each of our kids as a gift. My kids have become rosary bead junkies. But these red and green ones for Christmas/reconciliation were their first and they still are so special.
    Looks like you all had a wonderful celebration for your sweetie.

    Have a great day, Mary:)

  5. He is so sweet! I love that he is so much like u!!

  6. just catching up -

    we have special gifts for each sacrament: First Reconciliation: Grown up Rosary Beads with special saint medal attached (in favorite color, of course); First Communion: a gold crucifix necklace (yes, boys and girls); and Confirmation: a copy of the Catechism. (just in case you were taking notes for the future!)

    Congrats on the First Reconciliation: always a special day around here!

    Love, love, love the pizza analogy! we might have to add that to our last (wah!) First Reconciliation next year.



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