A First Day of Spring Mini Stream of Consciousness

The other day was another quick taste of spring so we spent all afternoon outside.  I spent a good amount of time dragging huge piles of branches and sticks to the burn pile and the side of the road, the aftermath of this long winter and a whole lot of century old trees around the property.  I love and hate these trees.  It felt good to move again, though.  And to be outside.  I was feeling all proud that I was getting ahead on the spring clean-up until it hit me once again that we're nearing the end of March so it really wasn't all that early after all.  I still haven't ordered our seeds (from my favorite company!) because it just doesn't feel time yet (but I really need to do it!).  Today this first day of spring we are back below freezing with snow flurries in the air.  

Does that count as complaining?  I've tried very hard not to complain about the weather and I think I've stuck to that but gosh, if things don't take a turn soon...well, I guess there's nothing I can do about it but it's been a battle to feel like myself for months now.  At least I can recognize it for what it is.  There have been winters where I start feeling down and lousy sometimes for weeks or months only to realize after the first day or two of spring and stepping outside again that life isn't as bad as I've been thinking.  The lack of real vitamin D for months on end is hard, isn't it?  Combine that with being a stay at home mom and homeschooling this gang and it's no wonder so many homeschoolers struggle with burnout this time of year.  This year's actually been a bit better for that personally but at this point I admit, I'm beginning to feel ready to sell this house, downsize and use the extra money to travel once every month or two to somewhere beachy and tropical.  
For health and education's sake, of course.

Speaking of which, have you been reading Sarah's series on teaching from a state of rest?  It's wonderful.  Her post yesterday was so convicting to me.  And though this wasn't her main point, it reminded me once again that the times that I most feel like running far away from home are usually the times when what I really need more than anything is to spend time with, truly with, my children.  Somewhere beachy and tropical would probably be best.   

Anyway, pictures!  Of both our lame simple St. Patrick's Day observance and a few from the aforementioned afternoon.  Because that's what I've got.
(Also, someone please teach me how to use a camera.)

  On the actual feast day I made some quick shamrock shakes for dessert.  We had an Irish stew a few days before St. Patrick's Day with some friends so that was our little dinner observance.  (And just in case you're wondering what Irish stew is, it's the same old beef stew we have a bunch of other times throughout the year but since I presume they have stew in Ireland, it magically becomes Irish stew when consumed in mid March.)

Served in these special little mugs that we received from my late great aunt as a wedding gift.  I think they've been used twice but they belonged to her and I thought that was so neat so I can't bring myself to pass them on just yet. 

The boys were quite {happy}.

I just can't seem to get a good, in-focus picture of this child.


(They were wearing green and orange but they had already changed into pajamas.  Note post-bath hair and shiny nose :)

We were treated to this number before morning Mass, though.  This was a very {funny}, er, I mean dramatic reenactment of a scene from Lord of the Dance. 

Hey!  Chickens!  Remember them?

They were {happy} girls to be outside again.  The winter's been hard on them, too.  We did have a heat lamp outside because we couldn't stand to have them out there in such frigid temperatures for weeks on end.  We finally got our first egg in months just the other day.  

I spent some time making a mental honey-do list of all the things that need to be done outside.  I'm sure Brian will be very grateful.

We had half a tree fall down on part of our property and it was sitting for weeks, way too cold and snowy to tend to.  We finally got a lot of it cleaned up except the main branch which Brian will need to cut down.  But John Paul gets credit for moving the other half of it to the burn pile.  I was impressed.  What these boys will eventually cost in food bills I'm hoping they make up for in doing all sorts of things we'd otherwise have to pay professionals for.  We'll see ;)

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  1. "What these boys will eventually cost in food bills I'm hoping they make up for in doing all sorts of things we'd otherwise have to pay professionals for" I'm banking on the same thing! Good luck :)

  2. Oh how I wish I could send my John Paul to your place for "Boy Camp" or something like that... And he would fit in so perfectly, he does his own little version of step dancing and it's HILARIOUS!

  3. Those shamrock mugs are so quaint and pretty.

    I love the pictures of your "girls". I just did a "What We're Reading Wednesday" post about a book that my daughter and I just read called Along Came A Dog. It's about a homeless dog and his relationship with a little red hen who is the outcast of her flock. It's a great story and there is much to learn about barnyard reality and animal behavior. I think your boys would like it.

    Mrs. C


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