We Have Everything We Ever Wanted

Brian and I have been hearing something together lately and it's been hitting us in a good way.

We have everything we could ever want in this life.

None of it is perfect, there are many wounds and scars, some soul-deep.  There are sins we've committed and crosses we never thought we would be asked to carry but the life we have when we look at it from a distance.  THIS is what we said we wanted.  And we have it.  Right here.  

There's this constant tug on us to not be satisfied, to keep looking for that next great thing - acclaim, rest, popularity, wealth, quiet, social life, luxury.   To keep looking outside our immediate vocation, outside HIM, for satisfaction and fulfillment.  But right here, right now, we have the best.  We have the most important things.  Family, love, faith, a God who longs to give Himself to us, us!  And we so often push them away to chase after the stupid stuff.

I am that spoiled child who tears open their birthday gift, admires it for a moment before setting it to the side to look for more.  There is nothing more.  The gift is here.  The gift is now.  At least on this earth. 

Why have I been missing that?  

Why do I sigh and mutter or rage and snap when the kids I dreamed of are acting like...kids?

Why do I fall into self-pity or brood or doubt when the man I asked for and willingly gave myself to acts like a...man?

Why do I fuss or act surprised when the house we prayed for and searched years for needs to be kept like a...house?

Because my eyes are broken.

Jesus, heal my eyes to see as You do.
Open my eyes to see the gifts that are right here right now.
Help me live in the freedom and joy of gratitude.

Linking up another late one with Sarah for Weekends With Chesterton...


  1. Because my eyes are broken. And mine are. Thank you for this gentle reminder!

  2. Love that Chesterton quote. I can relate to this so much. I do have everything I ever wanted, yet I still do not feel grateful and end up ill-tempered and snappish.

  3. This was a very timely reminder. Thank you, Mary!

  4. This is beautiful - a great reminder for all of us. Thank you!

  5. Beautiful & so very true. Thanks Mary, for reminding us all...xoxo.

  6. YES - I think this all the time - how grateful I am for my life!! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  7. Beautiful -- Thank you for the reminder!!

  8. Oh, thank you so much for the reminder. It certainly is easy to forget to take things with gratitude instead of taking them for granted. I'm so thankful for my husband and it's easy to forget how blessed I am to be in a marriage with him... Every now and then, I feel like God sends a blast from the past to slam into me and I get knocked over with reminders of what life was like before being married.

    I (and I'm sure people in general) can take every single thing for granted when certain things are forgotten... I easily take my job for granted. It isn't the most glamorous job. It's hard work. I don't always get the schedule I want. I'm too tired to do a lot of what I want to do when I get home... But instead I need to be thankful to HAVE a job.

    I remember how stressful it feels to be looking for a job (especially recently, since I'm going to be moving soon and will have to start the hunt again). This job is providing for us, and I've met some really great people. My boss is kind to me! Why am I always dissatisfied! What a great prayer you posted - I am definitely going to be putting it to good use. Thanks again for the reminder. I always love to click over to your blog for reminders on what really matters in this life and encouragement when my day looks daunting ahead of me.

    Thanks for being such an inspirational blogger - you always come off like a friend to all and I really appreciate that!
    - Hannah

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah. That means so much to me. Prayers for you in your job!


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