A Trip to the Museum and February Life {phfr}


I couldn't quite capture it but the view from our backyard looked very pretty the other day as we were leaving.  We had almost forgotten what blue skies looked like!  There's been lots of cabin fever around these parts but I can't say I'm frustrated with the weather.  It feels like February.  But I feel like it's been a good opportunity to rest and just be.  

Earlier that morning I found the two littles "planting Christmas trees."

We went to a little historical museum that is just a few streets away from us.  It's not elaborate but it was good to get out of the house.  Sort of.  The Erie Canal room was closed for renovations which is one of the highlights for my little guys.  And the special exhibit room featured "Body Beautiful" which chronicled women's fashion and beauty trends over the last several hundred years complete with silicone implant displays.  Sooo...not really up our alley.

But they have a cute pioneer kitchen the boys enjoyed!

And firetrucks!

And guess what we found at the museum?

Recognize that house?  
It's OURS!  And it's hanging at the museum!

How funny is it that they had three boys and then the people who lived here before us had three boys (not sure about the family in between) and when we moved in we had three boys?  We one-upped them with the Luke.  I feel sort of proud that we've tried to carry on at least a little of the Neubecker's legacy.  Boys, chickens, garden, at least.  And while I haven't done cheese, I have made butter, umm...twice.

It was a good day indeed when the frigid snap finally broke for a few days and I could send the boys outside again!

In the meantime while things got suspiciously quiet in the house...  

Michael's pastels were discovered.  He was quite pleased with himself.

Thanks to the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for hosting {phfr} once again!


  1. How funny to find your own house featured at a museum. Does that mean you get some sort of royalties? Maybe you could offer tours for a small fee : )

    1. I wish! Brian and I were saying we should get some sort of tax credit or something...or at least a historical preservation grant!

  2. Cool stuff! Hey - I love the idea of using the recycling bin for a giant igloo! We recently you-tubed igloo building and have high hopes of completing one :)

  3. What a cute little museum. I bet they had fun! Love the snow pictures and the pictures of Luke.

  4. How cool to find your home in a museum, and that the owners from the photo had boys!
    When we lived further north we never did complete an igloo, but we made many a snow lanterns - beautiful!

  5. I love the picture of the house. Have you determined if the little trees in the pictures are the ones that are now taller than the house? This is definitely a house meant for boys!
    The little orange "snow block maker" in the picture doesn't have a chance with the recycle bin. Much better use of time and energy.
    Under the table play was one of my favorite inside places when I was little.
    Have fun and stay warm in your cozy old home.

    Grandma from Chicago

  6. That actually gave me shivers that they had 3 boys too. Just awesome. and cool. I would love to find out more info about our area. My house now was only just built 5 years ago and we know the builder so its kinda not as interesting although there are some things about it that i want to ask, why did you build that in that way ? like why is my kitchen so small??? LOL.

  7. Fun post! You should try to get a copy of that photo. We have one of our house in the olden days -- such a great conversation starter :) And we love it.


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