A Sunday at the Olympics

On Sunday we had a fantastic time at the Olympic games organized by another homeschooling mom.  She did a spectacular job pulling it all together and we had a blast.  Each family was responsible for choosing a country to represent, bringing a dish to share from that country, and organizing an Olympic activity.

Waiting for their country to be announced in the parade of nations

Team Italy representin'

How neat is this?

Then it was time for the games!

Speed skating

Team snowball fights!

One family even made a biathlon!

Skiing in shoeboxes is harder than it looks...

Awesome, right?

Olympic ring toss

Luke tries his hand at the curling.

Brian suggested we sign up for bobsledding.  We talked briefly in the days before about something with a sled and a cardboard box.  Which turned into this:

Because that's what Brian does.

Heading out for the races

There was also the skeleton, relay races, hockey, and a dress-the-olympian event.  

I think my favorite part was getting to sample all the different dishes...Korean, Indian, Thai, Russian, German...  So fun but I was far too distracted putting things in my mouth to take any pictures.  Part of the appeal of picking Italy, besides the fact that we've already been studying it and I'm lazy like that, was that spaghetti was totally a valid dish to bring.

I did manage to snap a pic of this, though:

My fantastic fruit and, um, licorice tray.  Fruit and licorice.  Totally a thing.


  1. That is incredibly creative. I wish our homeschool group thought of something fun like that.

  2. 'said it before, 'say it again...you are an awesome mom.

  3. I'm totally impressed! What a great Olympics! It looks like so much fun!

  4. Looks like fun! I think i recognize the American team, too : )

  5. How cool and fun! Love your fruit tray,...the licorice part was very creative on your part! =)


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