A Pre-Dawn February Daybook

Outside my window...
Dark and cold.
It's 5:45 a.m. and I've got to start getting things ready to pack into the car.  But I just need a few minutes of quiet first.

Thankful for...
You.  And your response to my request for prayers.  I cry just thinking about it.  I hemmed and hawed about posting anything and sometimes struggle with what is too much to share.  But you know the best thing about social media is that it brings us together and lets us be the Body of Christ in a totally new way.  So I'm glad I asked and I'm even more grateful for all the prayers.  It's going to be a rough few days and the fact that there are people I've never met praying for a man they don't know...ah, there I go again. 

And so thankful for my generous sister who offered us their van to use for our trip out for the funeral.  I've never borrowed a car before like this and it feels weird but do you know that just a few hours after learning about Bill's death, our transmission decided to stop working on the way to Mass?  We packed ourselves into Brian's truck and got there but I have no idea what we're going to do about a car when we get home.

Thinking about...
What to do about our van.  It's not worth saving because there are so many things wrong with it (we still have to hit it with the special umbrella to get it to start...) but we do very prudent things like buy family tickets to Rome instead of save for a car ;)  Seriously, one of these boys NEEDS to learn how to fix cars in a few years.  I have plans for each one of them to have some sort of specialty to help out the family.  One could be good with cars, another with house repairs, another with landscaping...

Oh, right.  And the squirrels.  Still an issue.  I'm hearing one right now scratching around inside the living room wall.  Yay.

How to take help.

From the kitchen...
Let's skip this one shall we?  No one really cares about my meal plan, right?  Right now there's coffee in there and that's all I need.

Our plans for Rome.  It's overwhelming and thrilling all at the same time.

To be gone for a few days.  It'd be lovely to post while I'm gone but I highly doubt it.
I'll try not to hyperventilate when I see the pages of posts in my reader due to Jen's challenge.  

And I'll try not to feel guilty when I have to delete.

 Stories of Don Bosco - Still :)
Terrapin - I haven't read anything like this in a while but I got it free through an online order.  I'm on the fence.
Love and War - A re-read, actually.  It's the Eldredges book on marriage.  Highly recommended.

For Bill.
And for Brian.
For Michael as he prepares for his First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
For Colleen, Janelle, and Nicole as they prepare to meet their little ones.  Anyone else want me to add them in?
For our new little niece or nephew who was just announced a few weeks ago!  We're so happy for them!
For those grieving children.  So many.  I pray for those of you who email or left me comments all the time.
For those struggling with infertility, those in crisis pregnancies, children who are abused.
For teenagers and young people.  Sometimes I think about how HARD it must be to be in middle school or high school these days.  I'm not sure I would have survived and my heart hurts for so many of those little kids pretending to be big kids.

Around the house...
I've been doing a bit of reorganizing of files and photos and it feels good even though it's a tedious task.  I started a bit late and should have been using January and February for more of those things I always say need to be done but I never want to just do.

And our laundry room!  It's almost done and it's so different.  It's wonderful!

Worth a click... 
I love sharing links worthy of your time here and I know there have been a few recently but gosh, my mind is drawing a blank and I'm hearing the sounds of waking upstairs which means I need to start moving.  I'll get better at saving them...

A picture thought to share...

Just another one of Grumpy.  This time with Michael.

Have a lovely week, friends!


  1. Prayers for you and your husband, but especially your children as they grieve for their grandpa. That's a tough one, been there, as a mother with my own. I also know how it feels to lose a parent early in life. My dad was 42 and it's hard knowing all the things he will miss. Prayers for all.

    My grandma just died on Saturday, at age 97! She had a very long life, and until about a month ago, she lived independently. We can all pray for that! But, also, please pray for her soul. She was a very good woman, and lived a good Catholic life, so if she's not before the face of God now, I'm confident she will be. I will ask her prayers for Brian's dad.

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry about your dad and grandma. I'll pray for both.

  2. Prayers for your safe travels, for the repose of your FIL's soul, for your family during this time, for peace in these moments. God Bless you all.

  3. Praying for all of you on the journey, and for Brian's family to find some sort of peace. Maybe in his death, he will bring others to greater faith. God has no boundaries or time limits, and I strongly believe your father-in-law would have gotten a chance at that conversion you all had prayed for. And our prayers for him can continue until one day he can rest in Eternity with Our Lord.

  4. Praying for your trip. Is the new niece or nephew on the way on Brian's side or did we miss something?

  5. Here's a little secret of mine (that won't be so secret after I post this, of course): I kind of hate Jen's challenge. I'll end up doing the same thing I did last time, and avoid my feed reader for the entire week, and then go back when it's over and delete tons of it unread. When time is in short supply, I don't want to spend it reading everybody's posts they wrote just to post. I want to read the really good stuff.

    Usually people will point you towards the stuff you don't want to miss somewhere or other- so don't feel too guilty when you delete posts unread. :)

    Praying and praying and praying over your whole sweet family during this time of loss. Hugs Mary!


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