{pretty, happy, funny, real} in January - vol. 39

One of these days maybe I'll have the patience to get a real shot of my guys looking all {pretty} {handsome} in their new matching ties.  I love how excited they get to dress up for Mass still and that the selection of shirt and tie color is of utmost importance.  There is much exaltation (exultation?) when the colors can match with the liturgical color of the day.  But for now all I have are just a few shots of them discovering their Epiphany books after Sunday Mass.  

Oh, the {happy} that a two dollar pair of ice skates from the thrift store can bring!  (And the one benefit of a yard that loves to flood!)

I found this {funny} little guy sitting on the couch with the addition flashcards flipping them and saying A!  B!  A!  B!    Such a little mimic lately.

And I laughed when I looked out the window last week to see Michael's {funny} "plow".

The other day the boys decided on what gifts they would like to buy for the poor with their Advent earnings.  I decided to print out the slip in order to make it a bit more tangible and {real} to them.  David right away decided he needed to fill it out like this:

Best Christmas gift for {real}  He was a bit disappointed later that day when I told him that other people would deliver it for us.  Someday I dream about taking a mission trip with our whole family for {real}.

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  1. Truly great idea, and the print out makes it so nice for them to visualize their gift! I'm so glad I found you, I really am getting lots of great inspiration, thank you!

  2. Backyard skating is the best! We got our daughter a pair of second hand skates for Christmas this year (her first pair) and tried them out recently on a neighbourhood outdoor rink. And that plow is very creative!

  3. Love the plow and skating rink. And what a wonderful gift to give. A mission trip would be an awesome experience.

  4. The bike-plow is quite ingenious. :)

  5. So many things to comment on...the ice skating is priceless! I wish our pond would freeze again so my girls could ice skate.

    The plow is awesome and the filled out form is precious!

    Keep dreaming and praying about the mission trip. We've been dreaming and praying for a couple years and Lord willing, it's happening this year.

  6. I would have given anything to have a back yard skating pond. Tried many times over the years but never had any luck. Tell JP I spent most of my winters skating at the park using hand me down skates. And I had many black and blue marks to show for it. Looks like Michael has a business in the future with his snow plow.

    Grandma in Chicago


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