This Month in Boys - December 2013

John Paul

-has decided he would like to live alone in a cabin in the forest.  With no road access.  He will hunt and fish for his food and cook it himself over his fire.
-figured out how to play the dwarves song from The Hobbit on the piano.
-in his first ever display of clothing preference, has been wanting to wear dark clothes so that he is more like a spy.  Grumpy would be proud.
-has chosen the detective pseudonym of Ben Ryder.  "Mama, does that fit my face?"
-claims to really really want to start a snow shoveling business to serve the local clientele and in order to prove it to us and to earn some Christmas money shoveled almost the entire (very big) driveway himself the other day.
- is looking forward to parties this Christmas because "I like to see people and I like to give gifts."


-told me, "Mama, you don't really know when I have to use the bathroom.  Only me and God and Mary and the angels and all the saints could know that."  Well, I suppose he's right...
-is a super hard worker when he wants to be.  He'll spend several hours outside shoveling with Papa with nary a complaint.
-loves the snow.  He'll stay out longer than any of the other brothers and I'll spy him out the window staring up with his tongue out or just laying and watching.
-was thrilled beyond belief at me wearing a purple sweater the first Sunday of Advent, "MAMA!  You look like one of the purple candles!!"  Um...thank you?
-decided that when he grows up, he'll most definitely have the colored lights on his tree.
-has been so excited with every tradition and special thing we've been doing for Advent and getting ready for Christmas.
-is looking forward this Christmas to "looking at all the lights outside when we drive at night."


-asks to do lessons whenever the older boys are doing them.
-has almost all of our memory work memorized.  I don't require it but he just absorbs it while we are doing it.  He will almost never recite it himself but he'll mouth along with us as we do it and give us prompts when we forget!
-D:  I think for Advent we should give up rice.
Me:  Rice?  Do you like rice a lot?
D:  No.  I don't like it.  We should give it up.
-and a few days later, "I think I will give up bananas.  I DO like bananas."
-has been taking a nap at least every other day (same with Michael!) and it's been good for all of us.
-loves to play pretend, especially with Michael.
-was way more excited than Luke to open up Luke's birthday gifts.
-exclaimed the other day "I'm so excited for Christmas because Jesus is born and that is the most important thing in the whole year!"
-is looking forward this Christmas to "seeing Jesus."


-turned TWO!
- Eats frozen peas like candy.  And doesn't really like actual candy.  Also loves broccoli and will eat spinach in his tacos.  He won't, however, do brussel sprouts.
-floored us when we realized he can do the entire United State puzzle that we have completely on his own.
-tries very hard to say that he is two.
-never seems to be bothered by cold.
-has been singing the Alleluia from Mass!
-is looking forward this Christmas to (pointing at tree) "aiiiitsss" which I'm pretty sure is Luke language for "yanking as many possible ornaments as I can off the TREE we have in OUR HOUSE (!!!) when Mama isn't looking."


  1. Michael is such a hoot! Oh my goodness, I love his reasoning about using the bathroom :P And how excited he was about your purple!

  2. Love the post. John Paul, good luck on your shoveling business. I think that was my first money making job. Michael, I will always pick the colored lights, too. David, I love pretend play. Luke, When I was little I could never get enough peas.

    Grandma in Chicago

  3. Michael made us laugh out loud. And I vividly remember my son walking around a tree in circles reciting all the presidents of the United States when he was four (he's twenty now). Love these glimpses of your boys! John Paul will love My Side of the Mountain when he's a bit older. We do try to dress in the liturgical colors at times but I've never been called a candle - you must be very trim and svelte. ;-)

  4. I love the way you do the updates! The boys black and white photos are wonderful too.
    I have had a few boys think it would be grand to live out in the wilderness, but in a more Thoreau way where Mom or sister brings food regularly.


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