One Day Less - Come as You Are

Day 10

"This is what we mean by "Come!":  desire and permission.  We must desire our Lord to come into our lives, and that "Come!" must be wholehearted.  "Come!  Come!  I want you."

But then we have to permit him to come as he is...We do not say to Jesus, "I desire you to come but I do not permit you to come as you are.  Don't come with your wounds, don't come with your suffering, don't come as you are."...

We cannot say, "Yes, come, but do not come bringing the will of the Father.  I might not like that.  Do not come with your wounds.  Do not come with what you will ask of me.  Do not come with any of your demands."
-Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C.

(See, I told you it was good!)

What do I mean when I repeat the refrain of Advent, "Come, Lord Jesus!"  Do I really want him to come as he is?  Or do I want a Jesus of my own making?  Would I rather invite him in, only to tell him how things really should go down?  The cynic part of me wonders if that's why so many people (self included) like to focus on remembering the birth of Christ during Advent and conveniently forget the "Hey, I'm coming again and this time it'll be way different" part.  A sweet picture of a peaceful newborn babe is comforting and safe and beautiful.  The idea of some of that same baby's later demands and words is not.  Christmas without the cross.

Do I really want the Lord's will for my life?  Completely and totally abandoned to whatever he asks, even if it's uncomfortable or painful or excruciating?  Do I really want THAT Jesus to come?

Lord, I want the babies, but I don't want the crying or sleep deprivation.  
Lord, I want the good marriage, but I don't want the growing pains to get there. 
Lord, I want other people to know you, but I don't want them to judge me. 
Lord, I want heaven, but I don't want the cross.

I'm not good at this part yet.  Like a lot of modern people, I'm too wimpy for real suffering or even the mildest discomfort.  I beg it away and feel self-pity.  Today, and only by the grace of God, I will try not to complain and endure the tiny little annoyances and trials (and even the big heartaches and crosses) with an open heart.  The trials and sufferings are often how he comes.  May I truly mean it when I say, "Come, Lord Jesus!"


  1. I like this, I like this a lot. ;)

    So so true.

  2. Yes! I whined all over my blog today and then read this. lol


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