Images of Mary {Link-Up!}

There are so many stunning and beautiful images of Our Lady throughout history, thousands really, that have taught the faith and deepened the devotion of both individuals and the Church.  I think it's fair to say she must be the most depicted woman in all history.  I'd love to hear what image has made its way into your heart and faith life the most.  What image speaks to you?

I won't make this hard, promise!

Just share with us the image (and source) and maybe a few things about it if you can...

Why do you love this particular image?
Is there a story behind it?
Where does it come from?
How has it deepened your relationship with Mary?
How has it deepened your relationship with Christ?
Anything else you want to share?

Please include a link back to here and then add the link to your post below.  All are invited!  If you don't have a blog you are welcome to share yours in the comments or upload an image at the blog Facebook page and share there.  The link-up will be open from today all the way until the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God on January 1.      

So, get posting and please share with us!

Mary, Immaculately Conceived Mother of God, please pray for us.


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