Icy Bloody Sunday


The ice storm last night made the ride to Mass seem like we were in a storybook.  When we walked out the door it was so loud as all the ice was breaking and creaking everywhere!

Flooded yard = potential skating rink?  The boys hope so.


Brian braved the cold and ice to slaughter our Christmas turkey.

The pre-Christmas poultry dissection and anatomy lesson.  You have that tradition at your house, right?

Brian:  I read your blog.  I'm plucking out every follicle of this turkey for Jesus.  

Me not freaking out that there is the severed head of a turkey in MY SINK.

Hope your day is less bloody than ours :)


  1. That picture of you is priceless!!!

  2. love ALL these pictures!! It was pretty awesome driving to Mass this morning - looked like Narnia under the reign of the White Witch!

  3. I really want to see that picture of the turkey head in your sink! LOL! I am busy concocting (sp? is that a word?) a Christmas Vegan Meatloaf as we speak. I am not sure which kitchen scene is more "normal!" ;)

    1. Ha! Our favorite tradition! Of course! The Christmas vegan meatloaf!! The things we do for our husbands :)


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