Day 8 - Repenting and Replacing

Day 8

"This Advent will never come again...the graces of this day will never come again.  The opportunities for being loving and humble and generous and self-forgetful in this day will never come again....

His first word on this great Advent mission to announce and then to reveal the coming of Christ, linking the whole Old Testament to the New, is, "Repent!" (Mt. 3:2)  It is an Advent word.  He goes on to say very sternly to the Pharisees and to us, "Produce good fruit as evidence of your repentance."" 
-Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C.

I don't know about other mothers but a whole lot of what I grieve in the confessional are the ways I've failed my children.  Harsh words, unfair expectations, criticisms, yelling.  I never ever would have considered myself an angry person.  That is, until I had kids.  It was humbling and shocking that my temper was so easily enflamed, that my self-control was nowhere near what I thought it was.  I have the opportunity to love the Christ child right here in my own home and so often I fail.  I will never again have this day with my children (and we're grateful for that sometimes, aren't we? ;).  Today, again, I will commit to no harsh words, angry outbursts, or criticism.  It's a reminder I need often.  I'll apologize to them and I'll attempt with extra kind words, encouragement, snuggles, and patience to replace those biting words with words of life and love, my evidence of repentance.   


  1. Such a meaningful post, Mary. I can very much relate.

  2. Thank you for this series:) I've been getting much nourishment each day. Just a little stop in for that "nugget" that I can keep focusing on throughout the day. God Bless!

  3. yes. exactly. you took the words right from my heart.
    thank you
    many blessings this Advent

  4. I feel exactly the same about my kids and my temper. It's the toughest thing about my life right now and it was never an issue when I was a teacher for seven years. Why can't I be kinder and more patient with my own children? It's something I have to strive for and start over with every day, just like you


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