{pretty, happy, funny, real} - volume 36

Nursing colds and doing lessons and raking leaves and just normal (busy) life have kept our days occupied lately.  That and realizing that ohmygoodness it's NOVEMBER and that means the next few weeks will be full with planning Christmas gifts and getting our Advent game plan put together.  Much to do on this end.  This morning I typed out the list of gift givees and major things to get done before Advent.  And that's about as far as I've gotten.  How are you doing with your planning?  Want some distraction?  Thought so.

Some moments from our week...

{pretty} {handsome}

Last Sunday David insisted that we take a picture of all the brothers under the doorway before going to Mass.

These two hams wanted another.


Pumpkin carving and adventures in knife wielding

This picture is kind of blinding, isn't it?  John Paul chose to decorate with an assortment of weapons, David with a happy face, and Michael with a self portrait along with an axe and sword...


They had a very elaborate leaf piling system going for a while.

We've taken care of about half of the leaves?  Not sure when and if we'll get to the rest...

Who has no shame about having to wear his mother's sweatshirt when his is in the wash?

This boy.


I've spent the last few days working on getting our passport information ready for our big trip next spring.  I decided to try my hand at doing our own photos.  Three hundred and seventy two shots later, I think I have something passable for each...

Brian will appreciate it if I don't show you his.  David actually already has a passport that I got when he was an infant so yay for doing one less!  I just realized that mine expired a couple of years ago so boo for having to do one more.  It'll be nice to have this done, though, hopefully after next week and then we can focus on the fun planning.  And just so you know, I'm going to need your help!

Now get back to that planning :)

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  1. so many leaves....

    so many handsome boys....

  2. Looks like life is full of love and fun at the "Better than Eden" household.
    You are so wise to get all your planning done early...there will be plenty of last minute "to do" items.


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