Moments Not to Forget

From our hike last weekend:



These two have making their mother's heart explode with their special brother time, their recent proclamation that they are "best friends," and with a whole lot of special secrets they've been sharing.
{my submission for Theme Thursday:  Secrets}

Beware the man of many appendages who roams the swamps...

Fun times exploring the sewer pipe

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  1. Thanks for sharing the memories. Where is this place. I love that you find places to explore that do not have other people exploring, too. I was glad you identified the sewer - I had no idea what they were studying. The best friends picture is great.

    Grandma in Chicago

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the best friends, and the double carrying - Andrew was doing that on our hike last weekend :) John Paul and I have the same stamina but poor Cecilia's 2-year-old legs didn't hold up for long enough!

  3. you are so blessed with those boys. so very very blessed.


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