Weekend Project: Super Simple Window Seat Cushions

I do this funny thing sometimes when Brian has to be out of town.  I decide that it would be the perfect time to get a project done.  Which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever because I'm being left with one less big person to help run things around here and it's probably the least ideal time to aim to complete a project.  But no matter.  I still do it.  Maybe part of it is that it gives me something to look forward to doing so I don't dread the weekend too much.  And I do like to surprise him with whatever I've accomplished over the time even though often it's something that he never even realized just needed to get done.  Sometimes it's been ridiculous like the time I began repainting all the kitchen cabinets and other times it's just a little thing like organizing a closet.  This weekend it was finally getting real cushions on the window seats he built.  

And lo and behold this was one of the few times that a project actually turned out to be easier than I thought it would.  Made me wish I had just up and done it months ago rather than putting it off so many times.  When I was a little girl I remember always wanting a cozy window seat where I could curl up with a book.  John Paul does just that all the time with these and now they'll be that much more comfy.

This is one of the makeshift "cushions" that was on the seats:

Ill-fitting oversize bed pillows that our mattress guy made and sent along with our mattress.

I went the simple (i.e. NO SEWING!!) route and used the stapling method that you usually see when people are recovering chair seats.

Brian bought me 1/4" plywood and cut it to size last week.  Our seats happen to be 18 1/2"x 39".
I decided to save a huge chunk o cash and reuse the pillows.  Foam is expensive, right?  And I sort of like that the cotton batting gives it a softer rounded and maybe cozier look.  But since the sizes were different I had to take a slice of a bit of the length and add it to the width which wasn't too hard.

I had the grandest epiphany when I went to Joann's to buy some tan upholstery grade fabric and then realized that it cost SO much for their home decor fabric, even on sale, for the color and thickness I wanted.  Especially since what I wanted was so simple!  I realized that a simple canvas drop cloth was pretty much EXACTLY the same thing except even more durable which is helpful since I hope these seats will be well used.  So I saved another bunch o money by picking up a small drop cloth at Lowe's (about $40 or so!) and it had an enough left over to make three pillows!  You guys.  I made pillows!  (Actually I recovered two old and hideous pillows and some clearanced Ikea pillow forms but still.)  I am psyched that I finally sort of figured out the sewing machine enough to make a straight stitch.

I washed the cloth to soften it since it comes pretty stiff and once ironed, it was perfect.  I ended up having to use my nine year old's staple gun that shoots normal size staples since the heavy duty staples would have been too long, I think.  Also, I didn't have a chance to even try the heavy duty staple gun because I'm pretty sure I broke it before I even started so there was that which I'm sure the husband will immediately forgive when he gets home because NEW PILLOWS, right?  

I gave a lot of room on the sides mostly because then I had to cut less and didn't worry too much about it being perfect which was a big moment for me. 

Just like wrapping a present.  (To myself!)  Just make sure to pull everything taut and keep checking as you go to prevent any wrinkles or things getting all askew and such.

I realize they aren't fancy but I am so happy with how simple this was and how much of a difference it made in our little room.  I like that they are snug enough that they won't be sliding off easily but easy enough to remove to get to the storage underneath.  

They're already getting used by the boys and the cat and this has me so looking forward to the cooler weather and lots of cozy afternoon read aloud time with my favorite little people.


  1. They look AWESOME!! I'm so glad you did it - great job!

  2. oh - FANTASTIC! I am green! I want a window seat, too!

    I tend to wait until Frank is gone to do stuff around here as well - I think it is the whole reveal thing that gets me!


  3. I always dreamed of having a window seat as a girl! Looks perfect!

  4. Very nice! I have a big window seat in my living room and it's never had a cushion -- 15 years! You've inspired me!

  5. Those are amazing!! Wow! They look professional!

  6. So fantastic. I always seem to pick inopportune times for moving furniture, painting, just about anything that would be better with two big people :)


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