This Month in Boys - September 2013

(Pictures taken from our ride on a real steam engine train yesterday, a birthday gift for David from Grandpa and Grandma that we finally got to enjoy!)

John Paul

-has taught himself Morse code.  His day was made last week when Grandpa Frank sent him a postcard all in code.
-after noticing the Ten Ways to Destroy Your Child's Imagination book sitting in our house asked with just the teensiest bit of apprehension while driving in the car, "Mama, why would you want to read a book about that?"  (Commence discussion of the definition of satire.)
-is on the last song from Suzuki Piano Book One!
-can make tacos for dinner almost completely on his own.
-loves his new chemistry DVDs.
-has taken to carrying around a bag with various survival tools inside a la Kate Weatherall in our just finished read aloud The Mysterious Benedict Society.
-is working on designing a new gun this time powered by baking soda and vinegar.
-has been asking for "a date with Mama" for weeks now and will hopefully be getting one soon.
-says chemistry is his current favorite thing to learn.


-has had a bit of a regression in the thumb department that seemed to appear out of nowhere.
-breaks your heart with sweetness with his singing of the Gloria at Mass.
-while explaining to us the next morning why he called for Papa in the middle of the night said "It was just that I couldn't figure out where I was in my bed!"  He had flipped around and apparently couldn't find his way back...
-is obsessed with time.  Actually all the older boys are.  Anytime the clock says something crazy like 1:11 or 12:34 or 5:55 and it is noticed there is much exclaiming and rejoicing.
-is doing a phenomenal job memorizing poems, Scripture, history, and science.  It's amazing what they can retain at this age and I want to deposit as much goodness as I can into that head while it is so ripe.
-knows most of the story of The Fellowship of the Ring but only because John Paul gives him a summary each morning while they are in bed waking up.
-claims grammar as his current favorite subject.


-while listening to It's a Beautiful Day by U2 in the car: "Hey!  They just said it's a beautiful day and it IS a beautiful day!!"
-has finished half of the one dollar math book I bought for him and loves it.
-is the first of my boys to love coloring at this age and is pretty darn good at it.
-could barely let Papa go after he came back from his retreat.  He clung like a little monkey for several hours.
-and on a related note is still the best snuggler.  Physical touch is totally that boy's love language.
-has been doing a a very impressive amount of the memorizing that the older boys are doing.
-chooses reading (i.e. learning letters) as his favorite.


-seems to have started working on that second round of molars.
-has started to have to show you anything and everything he does.  Just like the big kids.
-can identify all the beginning body parts and loves to tell you what sounds the animals make.
-loves being outside.
-and spraying with the spray bottle.  Everything.
-still has the most hilarious positioning when he is getting ready to bat or run.  He is very meticulous with proper form.
-has started waving to everyone, man and beast alike.
-is already showing signs and motivation for being ready to get rid of those diapers even doing the big job THREE times on his own initiative.  Here's hoping that's his new favorite thing to learn.


  1. you have a handsome lot of boys. DEO GRATIAS!

  2. I remember a day when I took little boys on a train ride. My oldest LOVED trains. We lived near tracks and he was such a train nut. I just love little boys. And yours are darling!

  3. Great pictures. I want to take a ride on a steam engine train. I love trains, too. We will have to plan a train ride on a visit. they all look so good.

    Grandma in Chicago


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